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MLM Training - MLM will be on Dateline tonight

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Soooooo. Our wonderful industry is likely to take a huge public bashing tonight. Worse than that, it is going to happen on the hugely popular Dateline NBC.

The story is supposed to be all about Amway, or Nutrilite or Alticor or Quickstar or whatever other names Amway goes by these days.

While I am in support of the help Amway gave to legitimizing our industry in the 70's I have to be honest and say the way they continue to deceive and misrepresent their opportunity to people is something I absolutely wish they would stop.

I mean really, invite your neighbors over for Cheesecake and coffee and then whip out the whiteboard and start into an MLM Presentation. Talk about he quickest way to no success and the NFL (no friends left) club!!

A lot of the top Amway income earners earn 50% or more of their income from selling sales aids to their robotic follow mee downlines.

All in all they have become a model for how not to do Network Marketing.

Well, I hope I am wrong, but I bet tonights dateline will not be supportive of our industry. Apparantly dateline went undercover for a year for the story, going to amway rallies and the whole nine yards.

So, you should tune in to Dateline NBC tonight Friday May 7th at 8pm PST to learn why some people are so negative to your opportunity. Use the show as a what NOT TO DO in order to build a huge business. What did work 20 years ago, simply gets you disrespected in todays society.

I look forward to the learning experience!!

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