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MLM Training - Retailing Products

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Do you need to retail products? It seems MLM companies are doing their best to ensure you don't ever have to retail. Well here is a HUGE UGLY TRUTH OF MLM! If you don't have to retail products or somehow have product move to end users instead of just business builders, you are probably in a company that will have the regulators shut it down.

Melelauca seems to the closest company to not requiring retailing on first glance, but I think the way they get around this is that a lot of their members have stated their interest in just being customers in the paper work. I think possibly this is what keeps them legal without causing people to buy bottles of stuff they don't need and sell it to others. Instead they just sign up the new person as a customer and have that person buy direct.

A good model as it seems to be tried and true.

Companies who openly write that you never need to retail a product are likely to be attacked by the regulators just about the time they get big enough to be paying you a big paycheck.. Tread very carefully when you are being approached with a company that openly promotes on not needing to retail any products.

Be even more afraid of companies who don't have any autoship or purchase requirement at all as they will go nowhere!

Another method that our MLM Software allows is that you can use your replicated website to sell products to people and have them shipped direct to them. Your account is credited with the retail markup and your customer gets the products shipped directly to them. When you have retailed enough products that it exceeds your autoship point requirement, the system can be set by you to cancel your autoship for any months that you are qualified through retail sales.

The best part is, your retail customers can also set themselves up on an autoship. Retail enough, and you will never need to purchase yourself if you don't want to. Though we recommend that if you are not committed enough to your company and their products to use them regularly, you probably won't meet with any success in the business, so USE THE PRODUCTS and SERVICES of your company!

Your testimonial is the best testimonial!

Retailing or selling of products and services to the end user is a requirement of law for your company to not be a pyramid. Don't get excited by companies who promote how you don't need to do it if you want a company that will last and you can actually earn a residual income on.

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