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MLM University Training its Been Too Long Since I wrote

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MLM University Training

Well, I was just sitting here thinking it has been too long since I wrote an MLM Training article, so figured I should take the opportunity to write my thoughts on MLM Training.

Recently I have started to have a lot of interest in our 2 Day MLM University Training Format we offer to our existing MLM Software clients.

I think FINALLY the industry is coming back around to good technique and practice vs. hype and hyperbole. This is GREAT news.

I learned of the MLM University Training format in the very first MLM company I was a distributor for. They deducted a training fee off of our first 4 checks to cover the $250 training fee at the time. I thought this was the dumbest thing a company could ever do.... Wow was I wrong!

Once I had finished paying my $250 fee, and keep in mind this was 13 years ago, I couldn't wait for the next MLM University to begin, as I knew I had already paid for it so I could go! I wasn't hating the mandatory deduction near as badly anymore...

The format was very cool. Their were 2 corporate trainers that switched off segment by segment. The corporate trainers were high ranking distributors within the company, not hired gun outsiders. It was a 2 day event so a Saturday and a Sunday. Usually there was a Black Tie Friday evening event for those who qualified by some sponsoring type of contest leading up to the MLM University event.

The two days of training was a combination of deep dive on the commission plan, deep dive on the products, and a whole bunch of general mlm training and objection handling. The training also got into Goal Setting and List making along with approaches etc. FANTASTIC.

The creative thing about the whole concept was, the Corporate Trainers as they were called were flown in, and put up in a hotel at the companies expense, and paid a $2000 each stipend for doing the training.

This was not a public thing, but once you advanced far enough in the company, they started to bring you inside and suggest you may want to become a trainer. You had to have earned real money in the company, and had to have the respect of your group while doing so to qualify.

In the first few MLM University Trainings they did, there were not any corporate trainers, so they had help from some qualified outsiders, and that was the springboard to gain interest of leaders to be trained to become MLM University Corporate Trainers.

At one time the company had MLM Universities going every single weekend all over Canada and the USA.

I remember my goal was to have over 1/2 the room in my down line. The last MLM University the company did I had 82%!!!! The power of mlm training and the power of goals!

It had such an amazing impact on my MLM career that I have been saddened over the past 6 years that most clients just didn't seem interested in taking on such a format of official training.

I am so pleased that now this is not the case and many more clients as well as non-client companies are starting to adopt the old proven principles of MLM University style training once again!

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