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MLM destroys Second Life

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Thats right YOU heard it. MLM people are DESTROYING 2nd LIFe or SecondLife the most incredible Virtual Reality on the Internet.

Its called SecondLife not Final Fantasy or for many of the Guilty maybe it should be called Get a Life. Basically all the necessary manners in real life should be used in your Second Life.

Why do MLM'rs approach people they do not know in Second Life and decide to vomit their business opportunity all over Second Life Residents? At least in Second Life the "Prospect" can block and mute and Teleport to happier places. Don't we wish we could do that in Real LIFE?

Come on Folks. MLM is a great industry and done right it leads to a huge number of friends and from a little to a lot of extra pocket money. I believe Second Life and MLM go hand in hand to help the shy people hide behind an avatar and reach out to strangers. Done right, I think Second Life contacts could earn a Fortune for MLM'rs.

Done Right I said.

Make Friends first. Once you make a relationship, eventually what you do will come up. Or they will ask to come and see your Second Life Space. Have it set up well. Have it tell your MLM Story possibly. Lots of things you could do to make it soft sell the opportunity.

Do it right and make a fortune. Do it wrong and find yourself enjoying your Second Life about as much as you do your Real Life.

We have the tools to help you. Check us out In World by typing in MLM or into the search engine. You will find us. We are everywhere.

Don't have a Second Life but want to build your MLM faster and have a lot more fun doing it?

Get a Second Life for FREE and see what all the fun is about.

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