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MLM Prospecting the right way in Second Life

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Want a piece of 17,000 new prospects every day?

Have you Heard of Second Life? Have you got a Second Life yet?

Get one, it is FREE and way too much fun.

Here is how you could use Second Life to gain valuable prospects.

Get in the game, motor around and meet people. Do NOT VOMIT all over them about your MLM or BizOpp. Do it right and make friends first, then once you have made a relationship, you can eventually get around to what you do for a living and in your spare time.

Let it be natural or you will find yourself banned from many lands for being obnoxious. It is 3 foot rule prospecting made into 3 inches or 7 centimetre prospecting! The best part is, you are in disguise and don't have to meet real people face to face. It can all be done from your computer with a broadband connection to the internet.

Once you have met someone, you could get out of world information to connect up about your opportunity should they be interested. Better yet, get yourself the ability to do a presentation In world.

We have a great BizOpp mall under construction that will give you the ability to upload your presentation and have it available 24 hours per day in world.

This would be a great way to have people you meet learn about you.

You could also get more involved in the game and rent some space to put your own house or castle or whatever you can dream. Make it big and put your own presentation room in it!

Thinking bigger yet?

As you grow, you may want to have your own Second Life location so you would have not only the ability to have a scripted presentation, but you could have a live voice broadcast presentation in a presentation room. Imagine a virtual world where after the presentation people can come up to you an ask questions just like the real world! Like a web conference on steroids.

Its all possible in Second Life!

Get a Second Life Now and see what it is all about. It is FREE! It is Fun!

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