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MLM Training - MLM Automatic Downline Building Clubs (aka MLM SCAMS)

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So have you heard about all the companies where you just pay them money and they build your downline for you? Do they get you excited about all the money you are going to make without having to talk to your friends, family and neighbors? Have you tossed your money away to join one yet?


They don't work.

We should come back to the number one rule in this world. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!!

There are legitimate downline building clubs, and there are the illegitimate hype based systems who tell you to do nothing and you will get rich.

Here are some tips on how you can tell the two apart.

If the company has a system to funnel raw internet or advertising based traffic through an online sales funnel that you control, they may be legitimate. If they tell you that you are paying for a share in an AD-COOP and that your get the appropriate share of traffic through your online system, and anyone who is interested you will get the lead to follow up with and see if they want to join your opportunity. It sounds like you may have found a legitimate system.

If they tell you that they will do all the work, and the people will signup into your downline with doing nothing at all but paying them a certain fee each month, then they are probably just another MLM Scam of some sort. Now this doesn't necessarily mean the actual MLM company in behind the scam is not for real, but certainly the downline building club or whatever they call themselves is probably a scam.

If they company focusses on helping you to aquire leads through a well put together system, then offers that your upline can help you to follow up with those leads to see who is interested, you may have a legitimate system.

Beware of false promises. You could just be getting swindled into an MLM Scam. Legitimate companies teach you how to build your business one person at a time. MLM SCAMS focus on how easy it is to do and that you don't even really need to do it. BEWARE!!

Think of it mathematically. Even if the MLM SCAM (oops, I mean downline building club, overlay system, or whatever else words they are using to make it sound good) did promise to find you three people and find everyone 3 people, think of the numbers. 1 person they find 3, so now 4 total in the group. Find the bottom 3 each 3 and you add 9 for 13 total in the group. Find the bottom 9 only 3 each you add 27 for total of 40 in the group. Next generation 27 get 3 adds 81 for a total of 121. 81 get 3 243 new for total of 364. 243 get 3 729 new for over 1000 total. 729 get three adds over 2100 for over 3000, 2100 gets three adds over 6000 new who get three adds over 18000 who each get three adds over 50000 who get three adds 150000 who get three for over 450000 who get three adds over 1.5 million who get three adds 4.5million who get three adds almost 15 million.

You get the picture. Unless you are first, it soon takes more than the population of a small country to keep the promise. Soon after that, it takes more than the population of the world to keep the promise. So you see, in the end the company can't keep its promise of getting every one rich for free.

Real networking is different. If you build a team, you will earn an income. Some people build with you, some don't. Some stay as customers and some don't. Some quit and some don't. That is why the mathematical model doesn't affect a legitimate MLM company, as there are all types of people who get involved all with individual goals.

Beware of MLM SCAMS regarding get in pay your money and get rich for doing nothing. THEY DON'T WORK. They are the MLM SCAMS that make the wonderful industry of MLM look bad.

Find a legitimate company, put in your honest 7 to 10 hours of work, spend time in your warm market, or spend a few hundred bucks a month on advertising and a legitimate sales funnel system to assess interest, and take a year or two to get good at MLM and you will be better off and feel good about the people you helped along the way.

That is the power of MLM.

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