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MLM Training - Mark Yarnell, Hilton Johnson, and Mardig Sheridan

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More great training stuff today by industry icons like Mark Yarnell, Hilton Johnson, and Mardig Sheridan.

The reviews are great and all came from what used to be a fabulous industry magazine called Upline.

First one from the one of Network marketing's most well known names:

Self-Wealth - By Mark Yarnell, Valerie Bates, & John Radford, PhD

The next one, I am not sure the cards are available but their site has a great amount of training resources:

Hilton Johnson's Flash Cards - By Hilton Johnson & MLM University

Same goes for the 3rd, couldn't find the audio's exactly but the review will give you insight as to other things this great company does:

Congruent C's: A Formula for Success - audio By Mardig Sheridan

See them all with reviews and links on where to get them if you think they look worthwhile at:

Oh and don't forget the Alexa Tool Bar, will really help you keep an eye on your competition and what they are doing. You can learn more and dowload it for free at:

Or Here :

and you will never be curious again!!

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