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Which Company to choose

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So you want to build a huge team in MLM. You first need to choose a company. Sounds simple enough right? Your friend is in this thing that he/she is really really excited about, seems like a good place to start right?

Well, I guess so. We have a saying in Network Marketing. The first time you are in MLM your sponsor picks you, the rest of the times you pick your sponsor!

So it may be a good idea to join your friend. It also may be a good idea to do some research on his/her company before joining.

There is no right and wrong for joining a company, only what is right or wrong for your personal situation.

The truth behind network marketing companies is, 80% or better will go out of business within 3 years. Sound scary? Well, don't let it worry you, the truth of any small business is 80% of them will go out of business in the first three years. Network Marketing is not magic, it is just essentially a small business that can often grow to a big business fairly rapidly.

So do you pick a new business or an old long standing one.

Well this is not as easy to decide as it sounds, so let me just give you the pro's and cons of both.

A new company is completely unknown so everyone you talk to will be certain to not have heard of it. This can be both a plus and a minus. You will find whichever way you go, 1/2 will love the newness of the company and 1/2 will hate the perceived instability of it.

So a new company may seem a bit more exciting, but you do not have the stability story to tell. In 2 years of working a new company, I loved the fact that it was new and fresh, but also found about 1/2 the people didn't like the fact that it was new as they thought it may not make it.

An old long standing company will have the stability but may not have the perception of being a good opportunity. This is not true it is just a perception. The truth of how good the opportunity is, is how good you think it is! Simple as that. What you believe is your truth.

So an old company will have stability, training and systems, but you will fight a bit harder in that people you talk to will more often have heard of it and already formed an opinion. Be careful in thinking that just because they formed an opinion it is a negative one. In 2 years of working an old established company I found 1/2 the time the perception was not negative or positive but the actual name recognition of a good old company was fairly positive.

So how do you make sense of this mess?

I believe if you do your research on the company as to what quality of software they have, what the qualifications of management is, how much capital they have access to, (hard to get this number, but a talk with the president will tell you fairly quickly if there is enough just by how evasive he/she is on the answer to that tough question) and maybe most importantly, who is the top distributor in the company and what are their proven credentials?

If the top distributor can prove they have built large teams in the past (don't be fooled by a huge team in a binary, ask how many on thier weak leg!) the next question to ask is why they left the company they built the huge team in. If the answer is anything other than that the previous company went out of business, be very suspicious. If they left a company that still exists and continues to thrive, there is a good chance they will leave the company you are about to join too. The big problem for you about this is the negative impression created when the top leader leaves can be very hard to overcome. Also, they often will take with them any movers and shakers you bring to the team. Be Careful if the top distributor in the company is a junkie.

Hope this helps you in assessing which company to join! Join the right one, residual income can be yours if you work hard. Join the wrong one, and the only residual you will have is the experience you gained in building your first MLM team.

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