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MLM truth - u have to be true to yourself

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So here it is. Are you being true to yourself? Are you making the phone calls? Are you handling the rejections? Are you being honest with yourself in your committment to work 7 - 10 hours per week on your business? Remember organizing your off… more »
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MLM Truth - the biggest truth!

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Action Supercedes EVERYTHING! Good night! Check out our FREE MLM Training Site: more »
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Truth, do you really want the truth?

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So do you really want the truth about MLM? I have shared a lot of it with you. One other person who I have a huge amount of respect out there for is Kim Klaver. She does a lot of training aids and sales aids generically for the MLM training industry.… more »
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To Do or Not to do?

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"Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It's not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it's when you've had everything to do, and you've done it." Margaret Thatcher Former British Prime Minister Check our out FREE MLM Tr… more »
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I just found this GREAT article about the Truth behind Network marketing or MLM. It is worth a read!,4621,300838,00.html I agree with everything it says, almost feel like I wrote it! (I didn't!) If you wan… more »
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Permalink 04/24/04 13:33, by admin, Categories: Myths and Answers
What happened to Respect? I seems every day I get calls trying to convince me that I should be actively building a network instead of building tools to help others build the networks. I do build networks, I build huge networks. I do this by helping… more »
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No Autoship?

Permalink 04/22/04 18:46, by admin, Categories: Myths and Answers
I want to dispel a HUGE myth. Companies with autoships are bad!!! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. Autoship is the only way to make a residual income which is the primary reason why we do MLM and build huge teams. Just imagine you built a team of 5000 pe… more »
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"Every memorable act in the history of the world is a triumph of enthusiasm. Nothing great was ever achieved without it because it gives any challenge or any occupation, no matter how frightening or difficult, a new meaning. Without enthusiasm you… more »
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MLM Companies and MLM Software

Permalink 04/19/04 23:31, by admin, Categories: Myths and Answers
Another little talked about truth, but one worth mentioning. Many MLM companies start with inadequate MLM Software systems behind them. Then as they grow at the amazing rate only MLM can generate, their MLM software can not keep up and your team get… more »
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Never Give Up!

Permalink 04/19/04 15:47, by admin, Categories: Motivation
The following story illustrates probably the most important truth of MLM ever. You can Never give up if you want to succeed. Here is a non-mlm story to show you how important this is and how it applies to real life as well as MLM Software user's life!… more »
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Saturday Morning

Permalink 04/17/04 15:50, by admin, Categories: Myths and Answers, Motivation
Well, it is Saturday Morning. Here is pobably the biggest truth in Network Marketing or MLM. Success comes to those who are willing to do what others are not! So a simple question. Are you on the internet this Saturday doing something that tan… more »
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Whatever happened to MLM Loyalty?

Permalink 04/16/04 14:13, by admin, Categories: Myths and Answers
Another thought today about the state of the MLM or Network Marketing Industry. What has happened to MLM loyalty? Is it the fault of the distributors, or the MLM companies? I think it is a bit of both. Distributors are building disloyalty by n… more »
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What does it take?

Permalink 04/15/04 23:42, by admin, Categories: Myths and Answers
Now this I really want to get off my chest! I have to just rant a bit and say that I think it is a shame that everyone seems to be out there saying just get into a MLM company and you will get rich. We all know that isn't the case, so why do we push… more »
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Cooperation vs. Competition

Permalink 04/15/04 11:25, by admin, Categories: Original Document
One of the reasons for the success of Network Marketing in the 1990's is that it is based on cooperation, not competition. Unlike in traditional business, career advancement in network marketing comes directly from helping to create success with those t… more »
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How Does It Work?

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In network marketing, you share information and develop personal and professional contacts. You are rewarded for sharing information that results in product sales. Network Marketing empowers you to build your own networking sales organization from your… more »
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The Company Wins, too

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Why are so many companies utilizing network marketing as their chosen method of marketing? Simply stated, it's more efficient! They do not pay for marketing, distribution or sales until after the sale is made and the product is delivered. Compare that t… more »
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Who's Involved in Network Marketing?

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Today there are thousands of Network Marketing companies operating throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Japan and the Pacific Basin. Little Malaysia alone has more than… more »
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The Pioneers

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Like all-powerful concepts, Network Marketing has also met resistance due to a lack of understanding. There is no mystery to Network Marketing. It's just another form of sales and distribution. Network Marketing is 50 years young. In the early 1940's a… more »
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Enlightenment vs. En-dark-enment

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The most fundamental fact of life in our world today is change. As a rule, people are reluctant to change. We resist it, we like to stay within our comfort zone of what is known and accepted by most. THIS IS HUMAN NATURE. But it's true that what you re… more »
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The Truth and History of Network Marketing

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Written by Greg Stewart. For those that are not aware of Greg Stewart, I need to give you just a little background on how this man changed my life. I met Greg when he was with N/A/T/O International as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He w… more »
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