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MLM Truth - Kobe Steak is Awesome!

Permalink 05/26/04 17:36, by admin, Categories: Motivation
I thought you all may enjoy pictures of some of the best steak in the world being prepared in front of us at dinner last night. Work your business hard so you can go to Japan and try this. If you like steak, this is simply superb!!! Kobe Steak.… more »
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MLM Truth - Pictures from Japan

Permalink 05/25/04 02:08, by admin, Categories: Motivation
Here are some random pictures I took while on my way to a MLM Software and MLM Consulting Clients office in Osaka Japan. Enjoy! more »
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MLM Truth - Who Is Greg Stewart?

Permalink 05/23/04 15:12, by admin, Categories: Motivation
MLM Truth - Who is Greg Stewart? I just was sitting here thinking about how I ended up in such a good spot. Why I know what I know, how I have managed to grow MLM Software and MLM Consulting company to where I have been able to grow it. Greg Stew… more »
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MLM Truth and Japan

Permalink 05/20/04 03:08, by admin, Categories: Motivation
Well, I made it. Japan and MLM Truth! MLM can allow you to travel and write it off legitimately, here is a bit of a diary on my trip that began about 14 hours ago. Left my house at 10:30am PST, the plane was 1/2 hour late leaving so left at 1:30pm… more »
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MLM Truth - Japan and MLM

Permalink 05/18/04 19:32, by admin, Categories: Myths and Answers, Motivation
So what is happening in Japan for MLM? Well, I am off to Japan tomorrow morning and will certainly report. The TRUTH about MLM Japan is that it isn't as great for North American companies as it used to be. In Fact, Mary Kay recently pulled ou… more »
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MLM Truth - A GREAT MLM Presentation Helps!

Permalink 05/15/04 17:12, by admin, Categories: Automatic Prospecting and Lead Generation Systems, Myths and Answers
While not being absolutely necessary for success in an MLM company, a GREAT MLM Presentation can sure help you and your team more than you can imagine. I have built downlines in companies both with a good presentation and without a good presentation… more »
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MLM Truth - Product or Business?

Permalink 05/14/04 11:03, by admin, Categories: Myths and Answers
You will have greater success approaching people on how to make money rather than how to save money with the benefits of your products. Product moves as a result of showing the business. Most Distributors belief is strongest in the product and weake… more »
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MLM Truth - Website Traffic

Permalink 05/13/04 11:57, by admin, Categories: Motivation
Wow! I have to tell you, since writing a few short articles about Amway / Quickstar on my blogs, my site traffic has tripled. Don't know if it is people looking for support or mudslinging, but sure know a lot of traffic has been found due to those a… more »
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MLM Truth - Retailing Products

Permalink 05/12/04 11:21, by admin, Categories: Myths and Answers
Do you need to retail products? It seems MLM companies are doing their best to ensure you don't ever have to retail. Well here is a HUGE UGLY TRUTH OF MLM! If you don't have to retail products or somehow have product move to end users instead of just… more »
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MLM Truth - You have to be flexible

Permalink 05/10/04 17:05, by admin, Categories: Motivation
Even Bruce Lee agrees. Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind." Bruce Lee 1940-1973, Martial Artist and Actor So when something doesn't go as planned, don't sweat it,… more »
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MLM Truth - Quickstar on Dateline NBC

Permalink 05/08/04 10:45, by admin, Categories: Motivation
Well, I guess one good thing can be said about the way Dateline NBC handled the Quickstar, Amway, Alticor, or whatever you call it expose. They didn't try to taint the whole industry, they really kept it to Amway/Quickstar directly, and that was refres… more »
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MLM Truth - Free MLM Training Site

Permalink 05/06/04 12:20, by admin, Categories: Myths and Answers, Motivation
Why do I tell you about a FREE MLM Training site in and MLM Truth blog? Well, one huge truth in MLM is that you don't know how to do it unless you study it, practice it, and live it. If you haven't been trained or are unwilling to be trained, I am… more »
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Permalink 05/05/04 16:27, by admin, Categories: Motivation
"I have had dreams, and I have had nightmares. I overcame the nightmares because of my dreams." Dr. Jonas Salk Discovered The First Vaccine Against Polio Check out our MLM Software website at: more »
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MLM Truth!

Permalink 05/04/04 17:16, by admin, Categories: Myths and Answers, Motivation
Biggest of all MLM Truths! It will take longer, be harder, and cost more than you think to build a Massive Network and get rich in MLM. It will still be easier than doing it the traditional way of getting a JOB for the rest of your life. It wil… more »
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Raining in MLM Truth land Vancouver today!

Permalink 05/03/04 17:36, by admin, Categories: Myths and Answers, Motivation
Truth thought for the day, I hate it when it rains! However, it is good for one thing, you don't have as many excuses to prevent you from picking up the phone and making a few prospecting calls, or attempting to set a few meetings up! Do it now!… more »
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MLM Truth - Don't blame others

Permalink 05/02/04 09:49, by admin, Categories: Motivation
"Don't blame others for your failure to be fully accountable for your own life. If others are to blame then you have given them control." Bob Perks Speaker and Author Nothing could be more true in MLM than the words of Bob Perks written abov… more »
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