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A Story of Patience a little boy and his Nintendo Wii

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As you all know the biggest truth in MLM is PATIENCE. I just have to tell you this incredible story of PATIENCE as exhibited by my own son around christmas time.

Lets start from the beginning. A few months before Christmas I had seen stacks of Nintendo Wii's on the shelves of the local Electronics store called Future Shop. As there were so many there and they appeared to stay their for some time, I figured the hype of how popular the Nintendo Wii would be was false and figured I could pick one up for my son if he decided that was what he wanted for Christmas afterall.

Now I have to tell you there are times in a fathers life where we feel we made a Big BooBoo. This was such a time.

Not days later, Nintendo ran some ads on TV showing just how cool the Nintendo Wii was, and the foot race was on. My son officially went on record as wanting one for his christmas present, and every retailer I called OUT OF STOCK!

Now it wasn't all so simple as I work hard to not Spoil my children. I had agreed with the kids grandparents that they would contribute $150 to each of the kids presents and I would contribute the same. The Nintendo Wii itself was $279 plus taxes which for Vancouver, British Columbia Canada residents meant $315.27 before even buying games or extra controllers.

The arrangement with the kids was they could choose what they wanted for Christmas, but the budget was $300 total and the balance they would need to pay out of their own money should the items they want be in excess of this generous budget provided by Dad and Grandma and Grandpa.

My daughter picked a Video IPOD 80 gig and kicked in the balance to get it. She was Happy.

My son had his heart set on a Wii by Nintendo. He also wanted the Zelda game. I let both kids know that whatever they selected they selected and they could not change their minds even if they couldn't get it before Christmas, they both happily agreed.

Well, now the wheels fall off. January passes and my poor son still does not have a Nintendo Wii. I am starting to feel like a real bad Dad!

From time to time, my son attempts to press me on how he thinks a Wii will be in stock if we just go check all the stores again. Sadly I had phoned all the stores numerous times and new it not to be true. But my patient son didn't push to hard, just made it known he was still waiting.

February rolls by, still no Nintendo Wii!! Now I know I am a bad, mean and terrible person for continuing to enforce the agreement we had.

Same story for my patient son. Little nudges, LOTS of dissapointment, but no real pressure, just patience beyond what a 10 year old should know. I am both proud and disappointed for him all at the same time.

Calls to futureshop often started with them saying, "Hi, thank you for calling Future Shop we do not have any Wii's how else can I help you?!" OUCH!

March rolls mostly by still no Wii. I am getting distraught and almost gave up and provided choice number 2 a Sony Playstation 3 which by this time were in stock at Costco for $800!!

My son, like a trooper still patient.

I had to go to Walmart towards the end of March to pick up some brackets for hanging some blinds. I did it on my Kids day. Being divorced my day is Sunday, and I do not answer my phone when I am with them, I make the most of our time and do not let business interrupt, so if you ever call on a Sunday, know that I will not answer my phone as it is my dedicated time for my kids. Sorry!

So I get to Walmart and find my brackets, and my Patient son, doesn't even suggest we go look for a Wii by this time. I felt we were at the mall, at the very least I had to go through the motions for his sake and check all the places that may sell the Nintendo Wii.

First stop, Walmart where we already were. I walk into the Games section, and see a Nintendo Wii box sitting on the shelf. I prepare my patient son that often demo boxes are there and not to get too excited. I was a bit curious as there were a whole bunch of extra controllers there as well, either way, going through the motions I asked the guy working there, "You don't have any Nintendo Wii's do you?", and he replied, "yeah no, just that one in the case." I was dumbfounded. I said, "can I have it?" He said, "Sure." I just about fell over. I caught the look on my sons usually patient face. I think his cheeks were vibrating, either that or the lights were playing tricks. Actually, I think it was his whole body that was vibrating!

Well, now, in MLM we know we need patience as the harder you work and the more patient you are, the bigger the rewards you reap.

For my son, this turned out to be true as well. I walked out of Walmart with $570 worth of Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii controllers, oh and yeah $6 worth of brackets for blinds.

Well, now we were hungry, well my son not so much, he was still vibrating! We went to have a bite at the food court. I have never seen my son ignore New York Fries Poutine in my life, but this day, he was still showing his stoic patience by not showing how much it bugged him we wouldn't get him home to let him play with his new treasure.

We didn't make him wait too long, but unfortunately we were in Surrey, and I live in Vancouver, so we had a 40 minute drive to my place. Poor son, but patient. Excited, but still showing that patience. I was soooooooooo proud of him.

We finally make it home, jokingly i pretended we would overshoot the driveway and go around the block, but truth is I was pretty excited to play with this thing too so we headed in!

I had been bugging him for the whole trip how he owed me $270 and would have to be my slave for most of the rest of his life to pay it all off. He didn't care, whatever it took. I haven't told him yet, but I am thinking of letting him off the hook on that as his patience was stellar. I will make the deal that he has to let his sister play as well, if I do!

Well he got it all set up. What a Blast!!! We played 4 people tennis till 1:30am in the morning, then that game and Bowling, Golf, and Baseball and boxing all the next day!

We were all completely beat! Standing and swinging, and punching, was all more than any of us had bargained for. Sunday Morning, we could all barely move our arms!!

So a happy ending to a long story. Now let me tie it up a bit tighter with MLM.

You see not only did my son have to have HUGE patience to get to his goal, but a whole bunch of other things had to happen by accident.

I went to Walmart to get brackets for some blinds as i thought I had 2 left hand brackets, so needed a few more sets to get the right had brackets. Turns out they are the same, you just turn one upside down, so I actually didn't even need the brackets! If I would have known I didn't need the brackets, I wouldn't have been in Walmart that day!

I was 1 hour late picking up the kids that day due to Abnormally bad traffic, a typical 45 minute to an hour drive took almost 2 hours! Why did that matter?

Well, at Walmart as I was purchasing the Nintendo Wii, I asked the guy how many they got in and when. He said they got in 8 less than an hour ago! If I wasn't an hour late, I would have bought my brackets I didn't need, and checked for a Wii which wouldn't have even been on the shelf yet!! If I took 4 minutes more looking for brackets or walked slower getting to the games section, yep, you got it, there woudln't have been a Nintendo Wii left to be bought, and I would have felt even worse knowing how close we had missed them by.

Wow, amazing to me how the planets and stars all can align when the price of tea in China is just right and allow for these things to happen!

I now have a happy patient son, I feel great, and the only problem left is I now Want a Nintendo Wii for MEEEEEEEE!!!

So MLM. SAME THING. Work it long enough, be patient enough, do the things even when you do not feel like it, and eventually you will hit that day, when you find your Nintendo Wii. It is true. MLM is life and life is MLM!

Thank you for letting me share.

Would love feedback at if you have any. The Nintendo Wii could just be the answer to Childhood Obesity! I know I must have shed at least a pound or 2 in a day and a half of playing it!

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