The Truth and History of MLM or Network Marketing

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Cooperation vs. Competition

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One of the reasons for the success of Network Marketing in the 1990's is that it is based on cooperation, not competition. Unlike in traditional business, career advancement in network marketing comes directly from helping to create success with those t… more »
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How Does It Work?

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In network marketing, you share information and develop personal and professional contacts. You are rewarded for sharing information that results in product sales. Network Marketing empowers you to build your own networking sales organization from your… more »
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The Company Wins, too

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Why are so many companies utilizing network marketing as their chosen method of marketing? Simply stated, it's more efficient! They do not pay for marketing, distribution or sales until after the sale is made and the product is delivered. Compare that t… more »
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Who's Involved in Network Marketing?

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Today there are thousands of Network Marketing companies operating throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Japan and the Pacific Basin. Little Malaysia alone has more than… more »
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The Pioneers

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Like all-powerful concepts, Network Marketing has also met resistance due to a lack of understanding. There is no mystery to Network Marketing. It's just another form of sales and distribution. Network Marketing is 50 years young. In the early 1940's a… more »
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