The Truth and History of MLM or Network Marketing

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MLM Truth - Are MLM Service Companies Illegal?

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We really don't know the truth. The TRUTH is that for regular NON MLM companies it is just fine to sell a service. Why then does selling services by MLM seem to create such a ruckus? Let us know your thoughts. The way I see it buying education o… more »
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MLM Truth - Use Google to check out the person sponsoring you

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One thing you should always do is use Google or some other search engine to check out your potential sponsor. There is a good chance you won't find anything at all about them. But then it is possible you will find out some great news about them too.… more »
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MLM Truth - It is about Lifestyle

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Yes, the MLM industry has some big advantages over traditional business. The first one is Lifestyle. Now remember, this doesn't necessarily mean big houses and expensive cars to most people. It may mean just making the difference between your paych… more »
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MLM Truth - Compared to any other business, MLM is no more difficult

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It is true. If you look at the risk involved with opening any type of traditional business and the costs associated with doing so, and all the things you will have to do as the owner that you may not want or be prepared to do, MLM is a snap! Just th… more »
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MLM Truth - The Right Tools can help!

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Well, can the right tools help, or the right MLM Software help? Do you agree that sometimes it is hard for people to join companies due to the cost of the monthly requirement for autoship? What if you could have Web Hosting as a product available… more »
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