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Melaleuca MLM Horror Story

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Melaleuca Horror Story, what a funny thing for people to search for. I guess that is what sells. Bad news sells. Melaleuca Horror stories sell. I just noticed I have had 6 people this month find my site looking for Melaleuca Horror Stories. So I figured I may as well write one that happened to me if it is so interesting to people!

Well let me tell you my two horror stories about Melaleuca.

First, when I was involved actively in Melaleuca, on my first day a friend of mine who was at the time involved in Nikken joined my team. He was excited about the product prices. He decided to really get serious about the business.

Let me tell you about the Melaleuca MLM Horror Story that could have ended it.

He joined the "right way", as far as Melaleuca teaches it. He joined Melaleuca with a Value Pack which is kind of like the Home conversion kit. It is about $300 bucks and is a good value as the products are fairly discounted. It is a great mix of all the best selling products Melaleuca has. Cool right? Well, in theory it is cool.

He got his value pack and loved the stuff. Went started talking to a lot of people and even enrolled a couple. Then the Melaleuca Horror Story began...

He ordered some Acne stuff later in the month. Only half of it showed up. But also a second Value Pack and a box of energy bars called Access Bars showed up.

He sheepishly called me to say that he had been charged for the Acne stuff, but only 1/2 of the acne kit had shown up. I was concerned about this blunder on one of my new enrollees. Then he tells me almost $320 worth of extra stuff had shown up. He asked me what he should do.

I told him the right thing to do is to not just call and complain about the missing stuff, but also fess up about the nice $320 bonus he had recieved.

This is when the Melaleuca Horror story gets even worse. He calls and reluctantly fesses up about the extra stuff. He also complaigns about the missing stuff.

Here is what happened.

Melaleuca instantly sent him out the missing products from his order.

He then went on to be told he had 3 options on the extra stuff he had recieved. Ready for the meat of the Melaleuca Horror story?

Option 1 was to keep the value pack and extra stuff for FREE due to the inconvenience caused to him.

Option 2 was to return the stuff at his expense and have it credited to his account against future purchases(remember he never paid for it, so this is like a gift of $320 from Melaleuca, the Horror Story Company)

Option #3 was to return the stuff with a note that said he didn't need it credited to his account, but he was told the note would probably be ignored and his account would be credited anyway...

What a nightmare Melaleuca Story.

So he kept the products with Melaleuca's compliments, and went on to enroll 8 others in his first month. A lot of the new enrollees joined on the passion and integrity of this story.

So what did Melaleuca lose by giving away $320 worth of products?

Well their cost is probably 25% of that.

If the products had been returned, I imagine they would have had to be thrown in the garbage anyway due to tampering concerns.

Then the administration cost of processing the return.

Instead, they light a new enrollee on fire, who then brings them almost 30 customers before deciding not to continue with the business opportunity. 2 years later, almost 15 of them are still customers.

Seems Melaleuca is the winner by this decision.

Tomorrow I will tell you let another MLM Horror story about Melaleuca. You will be surprised by this one.

Not the kind of MLM Horror Story you were looking for? Send me your Horror Stories if you have them. Would love to read them and forward them to Melaleuca.

Did you get the Alexa Toolbar yet? The alexa toolbar can help you find the truth about all those little companies trying to break your belief with their incredible growth!

PS. I am not active in Melaleuca and have not been for a couple of years. Still like the products but now with my MLM Consulting business and MLM Software business taking off, I simply can not be affiliated as a distributor with any company without creating issues with my client base.

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