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Why do I tell you about a FREE MLM Training site in and MLM Truth blog?

Well, one huge truth in MLM is that you don't know how to do it unless you study it, practice it, and live it.

If you haven't been trained or are unwilling to be trained, I am afraid you simply just won't make it. Too hard? Supposed to be hard.

Why should something that can earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year be simple and require no learning?

You can't be successful at anything in this world without training and learning.

So, here is a copy of a post I made to my MLM Training Blog!

I just thought I would pop a note here to tell you a little about the FREE MLM Training website that we have put together.

So why are we doing this? Truth is, I had all this information built over the years for supporting my own teams. So you will find as you read it, it is true practical advice not meant to sell you on anything.

It is not completely finished and I am still running across a few places where there are references to my old companies so bear with me. The general information you get there is still the same. If you find places where a company name is mentioned, please let me know and I will kill it right away!!

It is really a step by step guide on how to build a giant team. It doesn't tell you it is easy. It shares with you the truth of the industry.

It is a wonderful industry so we don't need to over do it when we share it with others.

Hope you enjoy, and as usual, feedback is always welcome!

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