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MLM Truth - It is about Lifestyle

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Yes, the MLM industry has some big advantages over traditional business. The first one is Lifestyle. Now remember, this doesn't necessarily mean big houses and expensive cars to most people.

It may mean just making the difference between your paycheck and daycare costs! Imagine, if you make $1200 a month working at a part time job and you pay $600 a month in daycare costs so you can do your job, that means a simple $600 a month could give you the lifestyle you dream of.

Imagine not having to take your kids to daycare, but rather working from Home and having them with a babysitter once or twice a week when you go to an event or some other presentation or engagement meant to build your business and income?

You could have your kids with you, make a little money on the side, and not have to deal with outrageous behavior brought on by kids in daycare!

For some it simply means the ability to travel and build your business as you travel. The tax advantages of doing this are simply amazing as you may or may not be aware.

This is probably my favorite aspect of being involved in this industry. As you know I have not done much with this MLM Truth blog as I was away on business related to MLM Software and MLM Training and MLM Tools for 3 months. Japan, then Australia, then Japan again. Total time away, almost 3 months. Negative impact on my income = 0.

Lifestyle means different things to different people. You need to decide what it means to you and if an MLM business or work at home business can give you the lifestyle you need, whether that be a big one or a small one.

Happy Home Base Business.

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