The Truth and History of MLM or Network Marketing
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MLM Truth - Product or Business?

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You will have greater success approaching people on how to make money rather than how to save money with the benefits of your products. Product moves as a result of showing the business.

Most Distributors belief is strongest in the product and weakest in themselves and the industry of Network Marketing, therefore they attempt to build a network quickly by approaching prospects with the Product rather than showing the concept of leverage and the sales compensation plan.

Be honest with yourself, the first time you saw network marketing, did you obtain that excited insomnia from thinking about the wonderful product, service or membership you were buying?

Or, Like most, did you get excited about the possibilities of having a few friends join you in purchasing the product that could grow to many purchasing the product and create a residual income?

If that’s what you lost sleep over, then why do you spend your time attempting to grow your network by selling the benefits of the products? Talk to people about making money rather than saving money.

Here is a little about why the philosophy of showing the product can actually result in less product sales than showing the business. If you show the product first, and your friend is absolutely terrified and negative about the MLM industry, he will be afraid to be honest with you about the products. You see if he knows this is one of those pyramid things, his thinking is, if he tells you the products are great you are going to try to sign him up in one of those pyramid deals, and he hates those!

So you see, he has to tell you the products are not any good. And that.....chips another chip at your belief.

If on the other hand, you present the business to him properly, you will also do a good job of showing the products. Then if he tells you he is not interested in the business, he is likely to buy the products without the above concern. If he really really loves the products after that, he may just come around to the business concept. You see, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, by showing the business first.

Also understand that this issue is another of those issues that is widely debated in the industry. I have to tell you that of the money earners I have met, and I mean over $100,000 per year, all of them so far tell me they lead with the business. Of the many many people who argue with me to lead with the product, so far none of them are big money earners.

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