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MLM Truth - Quickstar on Dateline NBC

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Well, I guess one good thing can be said about the way Dateline NBC handled the Quickstar, Amway, Alticor, or whatever you call it expose. They didn't try to taint the whole industry, they really kept it to Amway/Quickstar directly, and that was refreshing.

Now I have to say I have seen the fake it till you make it types like the fellow on the show saying he makes $250,000 a year in other companies, STOP, Please STOP, you don't have to be the big person on campus to earn enough respect from others for them to join your opportunity.

Of course the fun part of last night s the fellow was on National TV saying how much he made and had the look in his eyes that he really didn't, but was fairly desparate to make people believe he did.

The dirty little secret of Amway Quickstar? That most of the top leaders make their money selling sales aids, not Amway Products. They even went so far as to say there is a chosen group of 20 at the top who control the sales aid business in the Amway Heirarchy.

All in all not so bad, the saddest part is the stories of the people who did believe and lost their life savings chasing a very difficult opportunity.

Amazing was the size of the conventions. A whole stadium full of distributors. Light one candle and I assume pass it on to two was an excersise they showed the result of, I bet it was spectacular to see how fast a whole stadium of candles could be lit from one sharing with 2. Who knows maybe in Amway 1 shares with 25, I don't know. Either way the truth is we all dream of having our corporate conventions that big!

There is one thing I hope comes from this story as far as our industry goes. I hope every distributor in any company who watched this felt sufficiently embarassed over how silly the fellow lying about his income looked that they will NEVER EVER EVER do this again!

That was the best lesson, to see the guy try to convince the reporter he made $250,000 a year. Then the funny part was he had a room with about 70 people in it. I have built teams, and one thing I know, it is unlikely a person at the front of a room full of 70 people will be making $250,000 a year unless his organization is far away from where the presentation is held. Anyway, enough on that!

It sure was a bit spooky, but I was very happy it didn't crusify the entire industry. I just know that for a now it is sure nice not to be an Amway distributor!

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