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MLM Truth - Who Is Greg Stewart?

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MLM Truth - Who is Greg Stewart?

I just was sitting here thinking about how I ended up in such a good spot. Why I know what I know, how I have managed to grow MLM Software and MLM Consulting company to where I have been able to grow it.

Greg Stewart sure had a lot to do with it. Greg Stewart is a man I consider to be a very good friend and Greg Stewart is a man I feel very fortunate for being able to have gotten to know.

My personal career in MLM started with a company in an MLM Company called N/A/T/O International.

I until being introduced to N/A/T/O International didn't even know what an MLM was. Network Marketing? What the heck was that? Downline, upline, sideline, cross sponsoring, sponsoring, pyramid, PV, GV, points? Never heard of any of it. Residual income? No idea! Amway? Never heard of it!

In fact a funny part about Amway was I had been approached by a friend about Amway quite a while back but didn't recognize it. I just remember being out with the boys having some beers and this guy suddenly started asking us all what kind of laundry detergent we all used!!! Boy was that funny, he quickly felt the uncomfortable sting of being alienated by his friends for trying to talk about something none of us knew anything about or even cared about!! I know now this was his come on to tell us about his Amway business!!

Anyway, back to how I came to know and respect Greg Stewart.

Greg Stewart joined N/A/T/O International as the VP of Sales and Marketing about 2 years after I had been involved in the company. Let me tell you, Greg Stewart is a very good looking man, tall and handsome, just like a High School Football quarterback, in fact Greg Stewart was a High School quarterback. Anyway, Greg Stewart is about the nicest man you will ever meet.

The magic in Greg Stewart is that when he meets someone he doesn't just attack them on joining an MLM company. When Greg Stewart is working he is working, when he isn't working, he is developing relationships for a time when he is working.

The other magic in Greg Stewart is his "Action supercedes Everything" approach to the business.

I remember setting up and appointment with Greg Stewart to get some "Training" I thought about how to cold call off of lists of old newpaper classifieds. He had told me to go to the libray and copy names and numbers of all the business opportunities ads I could find from 6 months ago, then to come and see him.

Well, I showed up after hours of research at the local library and we got into it. I thought Greg Stewart would give me a bunch of training and stuff and send me on my way. NOPE! First thing Greg Stewart did was ask me for the list of names and numbers, turn on his tape recorder that was hooked to the phone, and start dialing.

1st call, number not in service, he informed me that happened a lot as the numbers were 6 months old.

2nd call, an automated voicemail prospecting message, Greg Stewart patiently waited for it to finish and left his name and number and his patented, "if you are focussed on what you are doing right now" speech.

3rd call, 4th call, no answer. He said this is also normal.

5th call, talked to someone, they were dead and gone from MLM completely and not interested. That was fine with Greg Stewart!!! Lesson number one that sticks with me to this day. Don't waste time with those that are not interested. It is OK for someone to truly not be interested.

As Greg Stewart always used to say, you are, "Dialing for Dollars".

6th call, hit someone who was actually interested, so took information and Greg Stewart promised to send an information pack including a video and follow up in a few days with another guy on the line to help answer any questions this person may have had. (not something I would do today, I would send them to my Automatic prospecting System instead, but back then the internet was very new and not as helpful as it is today!)Lesson number 2, even Greg Stewart set the 3 way call up on the first contact, and he was the VP of the company!!

And on it went, Greg Stewart making calls for me to build my business. After about 1 hour, Greg Stewart stopped, opened the tape recorder, handed me the tape and said I could use it to study what we had just done!!

Wow, I was in Awe. Greg Stewart the VP of Sales and Marketing had just spent 1 hour building my business and I watched. He even told me not to worry that the information packages would be sent out by the company and I didn't need to pay anything!

Finally Greg Stewart told me to come back in a week so we could do the three way calls together!

Wow, what the heck just happened to me!

A week later I went back for another meeting to do the three way calls with Greg Stewart. First he asked me for my list again, and we did about 30 minutes of new calls! He said he liked to do calls cold until he had a good call, then he would be more excited making the follow up calls! Wow, what a lesson that was. Always be working and sifting and sorting for new contacts!

We did a few 3 way follow ups where Greg Stewart introduced me as a great mover and shaker in the industry and lots of other really nice things that made me feel excellent, and actually closed on fellow into MY business for me right on the phone. I was stupified.

From that day forward I had learned the biggest lesson necessary to be a huge success in this business. "Action Supercedes Everything!", and "Just do it", as Nike would say.

That can do attitude and recording everything to tapes were vital reasons I went from $2000 a month in the industry to well over $10,000 a month.

Greg Stewart led by example and doing, not preaching and pushing me to do stuff he himself was not willing to do.

The story goes on. I eventually ended up taking the top spot in another company when N/A/T/O International sadly closed its doors. Greg Stewart did not join me, but actually left the industry for 2 years.

I put into action what Greg Stewart taught me and had my previous income back in about 2 months. I made myself a mental promise that I would join Greg Stewart in whatever opportunity he brought to me in the future just to have a chance to learn more.

Well, that opportunity hit about 2 weeks after the company I had the top spot in closed the doors due to a debit card company getting frozen by the government and the owner deciding that it wasn't his problem and didn't need to repay the latest commission runs. Worst part was, the debit card was just a method of paying the members, it was not a company whose product was a debit card..

Due to the unsavory taste in my mouth, I SWORE off MLM for good, or so I thought!

Greg Stewart gives me a call to tell me that he is getting back into the industry again. I tell him I am in, regardless of what it is.

This decision turned out to be one of the most financially brilliant decisions in my life for a number of reasons. Interestly enough, it also taught me patience as I had to endure things I never thought I would need to endure by being involved with an MLM company.

The best part was, I got to see Greg Stewart in real action.

He came back from Australia after meeting with the company and started to fire up his sharing machine. We started with immediately jumping on three way calls to every industry leader we knew. For Greg Stewart that is a lot of people

We then grew so fast that it simply wasn't possible to keep up wth things doing three way calls, so soon they started being daisy chained 7 way 10 way 29 way calls. Sometimes it took 30 minutes just to link up everyone who wanted to listen!! Greg was amazing. Greg Stewart didn't sleep for 3 days and didn't even stop to take a shower!! Yep, Greg Stewart was Stinky!

By about the 3rd day, we went to doing actual conference calls. Then we soon had 5 conference calls daily. At the end of the first week, we had grown to over 5000 members. In ONE WEEK! Greg Stewart is simply amazing.

In three months we had over 18000 members world wide. Greg Stewart and I were up almost 24 hours a day. Working the East coast of the USA from about 1pm PST, then working over to the West Coast, then Hawaii, then Australia, Japan, New Zealand, go to bed for a while and start all over.

I will continue this story tomorrow!

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