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MLM Truth - Melaleuca Horror Story #2

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Did you enjoy our Melaleuca Horror Story Yesterday? Want another one?

Ok, here we go.

I enrolled a fellow a few months after joining Melaleuca. He was EXCITED. He joined at the highest level with a value pack. You know we have all had those types.

The next day he calls me to say he wants to quit.

I was a bit surprised but have had enough industry in the MLM industry to not take it personally. I asked him why.

He told me his wife had joined Melaleuca over a year ago and it turned out she hated the products and Melaleuca had refused to let her return them.

I asked him to let me have a try at fixing the issue. He agreed and brought me an UNOPENED value pack. Not sure how his wife determined she hated the products when she never even opened the box, but oh well.

I called Melaleuca and asked them what could be done knowing it was over a year ago that she had purchased this value pack and knowing their return policy was only 60 days.

They thought about it and decided to accept the return of the old value pack knowing the new one was on the way to the husband. They promptly credited her credit card for the full value of the value pack and told her to keep it with their compliments.

Wow. What a horror story.

Needless to say, they have stayed a happy customer for over two years now and actually open the boxes of product, and actively order the stuff they like.

Guess sometimes it can work out for the best if you simply take the time to ask the question and plead your case. I am sure Melaleuca is not the only MLM company out there that treats its customers with respect. Let me know your good or bad stories about any MLM. Happy to put them in our training site for others to see once they have been verified as true.

Did you get the Alexa Toolbar yet? The alexa toolbar can help you find the truth about all those little companies trying to break your belief with their incredible growth!

PS. I am not active in Melaleuca and have not been for a couple of years. Still like the products but now with my MLM Consulting business and MLM Software business taking off, I simply can not be affiliated as a distributor with any company without creating issues with my client base.

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Comment from: Angie Piccolo [Visitor]
Angie PiccoloHmmm I am a bit confused as this story did not seem at all horror to me......furthermore, you stated that this gentleman joined at the "highest" level......this makes no sense to me as there is no way to join at any level. Purchasing a Value Pack in the begining does nothing more than allow you the option of pacesetter bonuses in additon to the cost savings on your products. Distribution? hmmm, not distribution at all~I have never taken an order or delivered anything for Melaleuca. I do however, share with people these awesome cost effective products and Melaleuca's story. Hardly distribution or MLM. Perhaps it would be helpful for you to understand the difference between mlm and melaleuca. Have a nice day. :-)
06/01/05 @ 12:50

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