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What happened to Respect?

I seems every day I get calls trying to convince me that I should be actively building a network instead of building tools to help others build the networks. I do build networks, I build huge networks. I do this by helping companies put the tools and software in place to support all the people who are actively building teams.

I remember it is just as bad when you are building an actual network. Everyone calling to try to break your belief in what you are doing in order to attract you to their opportunity. Isn't that kind of like them telling you your girlfriend or boyfriend is ugly? What is up with that?

Why can we not respect each other in this industry?

I will tell you a story about someone I know who has the most respect of other Networkers that I have ever met. His name is Rick Jongkind and he is with Melaleuca.

I met Rick about 10 years ago for the first time. He had responded to a fax campaign I had done while I was working with N/A/T/O International an MLM selling Automotive additives. He was with Melaleuca at that time as well.

He responded to my fax, we agreed to meet knowing that we were both fairly focussed on our respective things and maybe we could work as mentors to each other in the same industry. RIGHT, We have all heard that one right?

Well, it was true. We met, learned about each other, and had a very good cup of coffee talking about the industry. Neither prospected the other. We made the agreement to meet once in a while and promised never to prospect each other.

Well, my company closed, and we met again. I had the opportunity to take the top distributor role in a company called I really really expected Rick to prospect me for Melaleuca fairly aggressively at this meeting. HE DIDN'T. Instead after hearing what I had to say about my postion, he said I should take the top spot in the new company as he figured it was a great opportunity for me. THAT IS RESPECT!

The story goes on. That company I took the top spot in closed due to a debit card provider stealing all the money of the distributors.

I joined yet another company with another mentor named GREG STEWART. That was wild. 18,000 people in 4 months and over a million bucks in earnings!! COOL. I never prospected Rick Jongkind. He never prospected me.

That company ran into troubles that they eventually overcame. I decided to look for something stable at the time so called my buddy Rick Jongkind. He never returned my call. So I left him another message. I was going to join Melaleuca and really wanted him to be the one to sponsor me.

Funny, the phone rang about 6 minutes and 28 seconds later. It was Rick Jongkind. We agreed to meet and have him show me Melaleuca.

I got involved, built a fast team, made about $5000 in my first month. Patience and Respect. Rick waited 8 years for the timing to be right for me!!!

If more people in the industry would do this, we would all have much bigger success over time. Respect others in the industry. Stop trying to break belief in what they are currently doing. If you are so sure their thing is going to go out of business, be friends, when their thing is ready to go out for business, help them.

The thing I have seen is, most of the people that call me to try to convince me to do their deal now, end up calling me in a few months with the next deal. Why do I want to join with someone who pushes the flavour of the month?

Think about the damage you do to your reputation when you tell someone what they are doing is invalid, but your company is the only MLM company on the planet that is worth doing. Doesn't that invalidate our whole wonderful industry?

Lets start treating others with respect. Our businesses will all grow faster, and it may even help companies survive longer to provide that residual income we all desire!!!

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