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Whatever happened to MLM Loyalty?

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Another thought today about the state of the MLM or Network Marketing Industry.

What has happened to MLM loyalty? Is it the fault of the distributors, or the MLM companies?

I think it is a bit of both.

Distributors are building disloyalty by not focussing in on one program and no supporting their teams adequately. They tend to jump into something, call their friends, or send out an email blast, push the concept for a month or two, then jump into the next thing and try to get the same people from the first network into the second one. This is not a good idea and shows lack of respect for the teams that have been assembled.

The big problem is this starts at the top. The big distributors in the MLM industry are seeming to do this more and more.

The next part of the issue is a bit the companies fault and a bit the distributors fault.

Current new companies are often trying to be a little too virtual. Remember, the key to having a good internet business component for your company is having good offline fundamentals in your company. As a result of being very virtual, it seems companies today are often not putting much if any effort into training the distributor force.

Not even 10 years ago it seemed every company offered some kind of training on the weekends or once a month or something where a leader in the company would come into town and host a grass roots person to person training. This gave a chance for new distributors to build their dreams a bit more, and get a bit more comitted to the companies they were with. It seems this has fallen away dramatically. Now it seems a lot of companies don't even provide a powerpoint or flash presentation to allow the intial message to be consistent for the whole company.

The problem with not providing adequate sales aids is that the message of the company becomes dependant on the quality of the leaders in the field. At least if you have a common presentation to show in hotels or at in home presentations or over the internet, the message stays the same, and even unskilled presentors can bumble though reading it and have some hope of success.

The person to person component in MLM is fading and this is too bad. Look at any of the HUGE leaders in the MLM industry. Even the ones who work multiple programs and focus on virtual type products tend to build by picking up the phone and building personal relationships.

The problem is less skilled distributors see this and think they can build it all with email blasts and never pick up the phone. This just doesn't happen.

This of course all stems from the biggest culprit in this whole problem, the companies themselves!

All the straighline powerline type hype based spam based systems that look so good are really bad for the industry.

The reality is, it takes work to build a successful network. Why buy into corporately a system you know simply will not bring long term success to your company? Broken dreams and broken promises in the end will lead to the end of your company or at least a whole lot of damage control to mop up the bad reputation you get by using such systems.

Ok, enough for this for today. I may come back and write a bit more on this topic soon!

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