The Truth and History of MLM or Network Marketing

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Angie Piccolo

In response to: MLM Truth - Melaleuca Horror Story #2

Angie Piccolo [Visitor]
Hmmm I am a bit confused as this story did not seem at all horror to me......furthermore, you stated that this gentleman joined at the "highest" level......this makes no sense to me as there is no way to join at any level. Purchasing a Value Pack in the begining does nothing more than allow you the option of pacesetter bonuses in additon to the cost savings on your products. Distribution? hmmm, not distribution at all~I have never taken an order or delivered anything for Melaleuca. I do however, share with people these awesome cost effective products and Melaleuca's story. Hardly distribution or MLM. Perhaps it would be helpful for you to understand the difference between mlm and melaleuca. Have a nice day. :-)
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Maurice Henenquin

In response to: MLM Truth - Who Is Greg Stewart?

Maurice Henenquin [Visitor]
So how does the story end so to speak
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