Hotbot - Inktomi database -

Search the Web:

On the left hand side of the page is a link for   Click on it. 

Click on it and the following screen pops up:

  1. Your URL is simply your URL like  
  2. Your email address must be valid.

That's it for this submission so make sure your keywords and meta tags are in place before submitting or come back and submit again after you do them.  Everything is scanned by a bot (robot or spider) in AltaVista's search engine.

Hotbot - Directory -

Go to HotBot's homepage, choose a subject area that appropriately categorizes your site, and click on the Submit a Site link at the bottom of the Site Recommendations section. You may have to drill down to a specific subcategory to submit your site.  There is an extensive amount of help available after you hit the submit button to ensure you have selected the correct category.


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