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MLM Consulting MLM Commission Plan Design

MLM Commission Plan Design?

Many clients tend to think they can just take another MLM Company Commission Plan design and have it copied and things can be successful.

Please be careful with this thinking as an MLM Commission Plan has a LOT of things connected together in order to work.

Should your company have a different product cost to wholesale, or different selling price, or different usage pattern than the MLM Commission plan you are copying from, it could spell disaster for your MLM Company by way of paying out too much, or just being plain uninspiring!

We have written extensively in our Blogs about what the Best MLM Commission Plan is and the successful components of an MLM Commission plan. Here is a listing of articles in our blog that can help.

MLM Commission Plans The Truth is NONE of them are the BEST! - discussing various types of commissions and how to structure a balanced plan that works regardless of actual underlying structure of matrix, binary, unilevel etc.

Hey, that's Front End Loading! - talks about the dreaded "Joining Fee" and various types of commissions in a good balanced MLM commission plan from up front money, things like Fast Start Bonuses, leadership Packages etc.

MLM Residual Income - What a Joke! - dives into the residual component of a good commission plan whether that be the Matrix, Binary, Unilevel or other type structure and why it is important to balance it right.

MLM Compensation Plan Sweet Spot They Say, Generational Bonus? - talks about Matching Bonuses, Infinity Pools, Check Match bonuses, compression vs dynamic compression.