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By Mark Yarnell, Valerie Bates, & John Radford, PhD

"How can you succeed in life and still be happy at the end of the day?" Mark Yarnell and his co-authors propose a combination of "prosperity, serenity, and balance." They looked at the greed, stress, and disillusionment caused by pursuing money alone. In Self-Wealth, they explain how to harmonize financial wealth with riches of the soul.

The first chapter, A Goal Bigger than Yourself, seems straightforward enough. Networkers are well acquainted with goal-setting and vision. Mark reminds us, however, that courage, resiliency, and even carefully channeled anger may be factors in reaching our goals. We need to be prepared for all those elements if we plan to keep our serenity and balance on the way to prosperity.

From there, he drags the reader into Bungy Jumping with Rattlesnakes. Although that's just a fancy way of describing self-mastery, it certainly grabs your attention, doesn't it? By confronting a fear, we can gain mastery of it, and thereby also master ourselves. Without that, fear will constantly challenge our serenity.

Overcoming fear is also vital to the next step -- erasing self-doubt. That's where the rubber meets the road on "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." Become fearlessly, serenely certain that you can achieve the goal you have set for yourself; nothing will be able to stop you.

From there, Mark and company take you through the familiar personal development territory: replacing negative conditioning, using intuition and affirmations, learning to recognize your own worth. Self-Wealth is not a how-to like Your First Year in Network Marketing; it doesn't coach you through creating an organization or bonus check. You will, however, be more than ready to reach success in Network Marketing or any other endeavor which satisfies your body, mind, and soul.
-- TH


Hilton Johnson's Flash Cards

By Hilton Johnson & MLM University

Flash Card There are Networkers who will get their hands on these flash cards and sigh with relief, "Finally!" If you've been reading Upline for a while, you've no doubt read the tips we include of his every couple of months, and probably some of his articles, as well. Many of you may also have participated in MLM University's virtual classes or seen him at a Masters Seminar. If you've done any of the above, then you know that Hilton is one of the best presentation coaches in the industry, and these flash cards are completely congruent with his deserved reputation.

The Hilton Johnson Flash Card set is a box of 133 index cards containing 276 questions and a short instructional audiotape that tells you how to boost your Networking effectiveness by incorporating them into your presentations. He's written the questions specifically for building your presentation around your prospects' needs. You've heard that your prospects should be talking more than you in a presentation? These questions offer you a way to guide the conversation so that they do, without getting sidetracked away from the purpose at hand. You'll find exact wording for all stages of the process:


  • "Basic Qualifying" questions, like "If I can help you create a part-time residual type income while working out of your home, would you allow me an opportunity to show you how?"

  • "Problem" questions to get your prospect thinking and talking about what effect the business could have on their finances and time, "Are you satisfied with the amount of free time you get to spend with your family?"

  • "Probing" questions for gaining a greater understanding, like "Give me an example of what you're talking about."

  • "Listening" questions, like "Do I understand you?"

  • "Impact" questions, like "What are you going to do if you're not able to find something that will give you the income you need?"

  • "Solution" questions, like "If we can improve that for you to your satisfaction, what would that mean to you?"

In addition, there is a final segment devoted to what he calls "the commitment sequence" designed to help you through it without resorting to pressure techniques or backing out altogether. There are enough choices in each group of questions that anyone will be able to find a few that feel natural to use.

If you frequently come away from a presentation wishing you'd said something another way, or fear giving one because you don't know what to say, the questions on these cards may be just what you need to change that by making a habit of speaking effectively and with confidence.
-- UO

Available from MLM University,  or 954-491-8996.

Congruent C's: A Formula for Success - audio

Audio Cover By Mardig Sheridan

Michael Clouse is the one who turned us on to this audio, and after listening to it, it was clear why -- Michael is flawlessly professional and dedicated to ongoing personal development and the pursuit of excellence; so, it soon became clear, is Mardig Sheridan.

There's so much personal development material available today that it's hard to know what to start with, or what to work with as you sharpen your skills and deepen your growth. For some, the more emotion-evoking, the better -- anything else is "boring" or feels too impersonal to them. For others, the more professional and formulaic the better -- the emotional stuff seems "lite" or feels disingenuous. Of course, most fall somewhere in between these two extremes; Congruent C's: A Formula for Success is on the professional, formulaic side of the spectrum.

Sheridan's formula centers on five words that begin with the letter C, which, he asserts, will yield the results and fulfillment you're seeking in Network Marketing if mastered in the way he suggests. I won't give away what these C-words are because to do so would seemingly belittle what he's offering -- it's the words in combination with his precise and thorough approach that provide the growth opportunity. I recommend this audio particularly to people for whom uplifting the professionalism of the industry is a top priority; people who have struggled to develop a "why" compelling enough to move their business forward; people who incorporate personal development into their lives in a systematic, disciplined way; and people who have had trouble relating to the whole concept of personal growth, period. Very different types, I'm aware, and yet if you fall into one of these categories, or have downline members who do, I think you'll find my assessment to be spot on.

I'll add that I think Congruent C's could also serve as a great personal development primer for the educated, already-successful-in-another-field types you sponsor who may feel they need a classically intelligent voice and sensibility to learn from. In fact, Congruent C's together with the book Dare to Dream, Work to Win is probably the best combination you could come up with for starting them off.
-- UO

Available from Beyond Boundaries, 206-283-4252.

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