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Starting From "No"
10 Strategies to Overcome Your Fear of Rejection and Succeed in Business

By Azriela Jaffe

This is a book that tackles one of the biggest issues for new Networkers head-on -- how not to be driven out of the business by the ominous threat of rejection. What makes Starting From "No" stand out on the bookstore shelf as a choice for Networkers is Jaffe's personal understanding of Network Marketing. Although the book is not written for Networkers exclusively, Networking challenges and examples are given significant attention and addressed with the same respect as any other entrepreneurial venture.

Jaffe asserts that if you accept that rejection is part of the territory and learn to manage your reaction, it doesn't have to interfere with your success. It's the reaction, the expectation of what the consequence of rejection will be, that prevents success -- not rejection itself.

Starting From "No" offers ten strategies for taking control of these reactions. Jaffe has spent the time to include useful questionnaires and exercises that will help you determine how the strategies fit your personality and your specific reasons for struggling with rejection. What you'll find in reading the book is that rejection brings up totally different things for different people -- determining where you fit in the spectrum may make the issue more manageable. She also offers many practical suggestions for how you can create exterior support systems for this predominantly internal challenge.

One thing I like particularly about this book is that Jaffe doesn't come at you with the attitude of "just get over the fear factor." No matter how true such statements as "If you think you can or you can't, you're right" may be, they don't do much to actually assist the people who think they can't to change their minds. Starting From "No" respects the fact that for most of us, change doesn't happen overnight just because we've made the decision to change; she acknowledges that not everyone is going to be the ultra-extroverted, unshakably confident alter-egos we may imagine, and says that's not the end of the world. She gives you the tools to work from where you are with what you have to create success.

-- UO



Book Cover How To Become a Recruiting Magnet, tapeset
By Doug Firebaugh

I have to admit, the first thought that crossed my mind when I started listening to this tape set was, "He sure is excited; I hope this isn't going to be a bunch of hype." Well, Doug Firebaugh stays excited through all three tapes in the set, but I think you'll be excited too if recruiting hasn't been your primary area of excellence in your business. Within a few minutes, I had a tablet out and was taking notes as if I was at a workshop. I actually recommend not listening to this in the car and instead hosting an at-home recruiting training for yourself one Saturday morning.

Firebaugh concentrates here on attitudes and perspectives more than he does techniques, although I still categorize this as a "how-to" album. He sees Networkers as "paid conversationalists," so his focus is on steering clear of anything that looks like a technique and instead learning to be compelling in a natural way. This is where the attitudes and perspectives come in, and there is a wealth of material here, most of which is new or familiar with an original slant.

The tapes are also full of those great one-liners you'll end up jotting down, pasting over your phone, and using to train your downline as they adjust to the recruiting aspect of this business. If you're unsure as a recruiter, I think How To Become a Recruiting Magnet will help you clarify what your role is in the process, what it's not, and learn to be consistently effective.

-- UO

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Making the Impossible Possible
By Jason Boreyko

When his mother lay dying of a brain tumor, Jason Boreyko promised to continue her legacy of ethical, successful Network Marketing. What he didn't know, at the moment of his promise, was that the company he was working with would go out of business just after Christmas of that same year. He also didn't know that he would lose his father a short time later. He did realize, however, that any promise is powerful, and a promise to a dying mother carries even more payload.

Making the Impossible Possible is part autobiography, part personal development lesson, and all about the impact of that promise. Many of you -- especially veteran Networkers in the Phoenix area -- will be familiar with both the life story and the message since the Boreyko family founded New Vision as the fulfillment of Jason's promise. That doesn't mean Making the Impossible Possible is a company handbook, but it does mean that New Vision gets plenty of positive press in its pages. It is well worth looking beyond that small element.

Jason starts with important basics: Dream Big Dreams, Taking Action, and Define and Set Your Goals. That's all familiar, common ground leading to the chapter Have No Fear, an unflinching look at the many faces of a dream stealer.

Jason notes that fear is a contagious condition our society both feeds and preys upon. Fear derails many would-be entrepreneurs: fear of rejection, fear of financial risks, fear of ridicule, fear of people. The only way to win the fear war is to face the fears directly -- shine your flashlight right into the eyes of the monster under the bed. What does that look like in Network Marketing terms? Picking up the phone and dialing. Introducing yourself to strangers, despite dry mouth and palpitating heart. Standing in front of a packed meeting room and presenting your products and opportunity.

Even if you find the concepts to be familiar, I think you'll still find the exercises beneficial for you and your team. The book is a very readable and thorough supplement to seminars and trainings.

-- TH


Book Cover Network Marketing: Rags to Riches?
By Richard Brooke

From one of the all-time most popular Upline contributors comes a new book that's short, easy, covers all the basics, and shares some classic success stories. Rags to Riches provides Networkers with a simple and effective way to bring new distributors up to speed on our industry's facts, myths, and a few of the personalities that make it unique. Hand a copy to a prospect who doesn't have the first clue about due diligence and What to Look For, What to Look Out For should be a big help. Still trying to explain the concept of leverage to a leader on your team? The examples, charts, and diagrams in How Does It Really Work? and Geometric Progressions offer expert assistance.

Richard sees the industry as big enough for all of us to achieve success, so he doesn't emphasize any one company or system. He tells readers what makes Network Marketing the industry of the future. Refresh your own memory and then pass Rags to Riches on to the newcomers on your team. It will be the best 50 pages you've read in a long time.

-- TH 

Coudn't find this book here, but found other stuff by the same great man Richard Brooke!

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