Incentive Programs or Loyalty Programs for Affiliates

This section will cover both Incentive Program explanation as well as Commission Program explanation.

Incentive Programs

If you would prefer to not pay out actual money to your affiliates, you can reward them in Incentive Dollars using our Affiliate Software..

Lets say you want to reward 10% of created sales in Incentive Dollars. You can set the system so that any customers the affiliate brings to you who make a purchase, the affiliate incentive account will be credited 10% of the incentive value of the product.

What this means is you can set how many dollars of the sales price you want to allow commissions or incentive dollars to be calculated on. This is important as not all companies can afford to pay a 10% or set percentage on every product they offer due to the different profit margins the products they sell have. You can stay safe with affiliate software!

The next step of this Incentive or Loyalty program is to allow the affiliates access to their exclusive Affiliate Lounge Shopping Cart that contains products they can redeem their accumulated Incentive Dollars for. These could be your own products or services, or you could bring in products that are in demand to make it more interesting to affiliates to try to make sales for you. Imagine if you offered an Apple Ipod in your Affiliates rewards programs. A great way to motivate your newly acquired affiliate sales force.

Commission Programs

You have the ability to set an unlimited number of levels of commissions to pay in your affiliate program. It could be a simple 10% for any sale made from an affiliate site, or you could go further to pay on any sales made by affiliates connected to the first affiliates.

The system will track all commissions earned and you can set the withdrawal limits and methods yourself. For example you could set the minimum withdrawal level to be $100 dollars. Only after the affiliate accumulated $100 could they withdraw their funds.

You could offer payment by paypal, or check, or wire transfer, and you can service charge the payment types.

if you simply want to do paychecks, you purchase Simply Accounting laser printable check blanks, and the system will print the paychecks automatically through a PDF report.

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