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MLM Software Basic Package

Includes members getting their own replicated website, a very basic members lounge, and all basic distributor tracking functions. Does not include Translation Interface, Communications, FAQ interfaces, and Personal Account Systems.

Upgrade to Higher System

  • You can upgrade to a higher system at any time by paying the difference between the system you bought and the system you want.
  • If you are using the Rental program, you pay the difference in the down payment and the difference in the monthly rental from the month you upgrade forward.
  MLM Software Basic Box Graphic


Features List

Administrative Area   This is where you essentially run your entire company from.
The detailed links and what they do are listed below.

1-1 Distributor


A search engine interface that allows searching of members by many criteria like username, id, tel., name. This is the area where you can keep notes about each members enquiries, problems and solutions. It also tracks all automated functions the system has done. Allows easy support of your members.
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a. Account » The members personal account and all in and out transactions that have occurred in it.
b. Account Update » Credit or debit money from a members personal account.
c. Autoship » Adjust a members current autoship settings.
d. Emails » Quick send email function to make support more efficient. Stores templates that include user information for quickly emailing a member without having to cut and past information.
e. Invoices » See all previous invoices for a member and handle returns if necessary.
f. DL Viewer » See a graphical picture in real time of a members downline.
g. Flag Update » A place to grant status to a member that they haven't earned.

1-2 Admin Signup


Enter a new user into the system. Takes all signup details, allows for easy entry of first order and autoship settings all in one procedure.
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1-3 Order Entry


Simply enter a username, and enter an order and the order will be processed by the payment method on file and to the address on file. Quick, efficient. Can be used for any fax, email, or telephone orders.

1-4 Reporting


Any report you need can be custom built for you. An extra charge would apply. 2 custom reports are included in the system price up to a total of 5 hours of programming.
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a. Sales » Company Sales where you can select the date range to view sales for.
b. Auto Ship » Show all distributors currently on Autoship.
c. Commissions » Shows how much commissions earned by members.
d. Invoices » Invoices Report
e. Qty Sponsor » Who sponsored the most? Find out here!
f. Signups » Report of all signups for date range specified.
g. Cancel » Cancellations by date
h. Suspended » Suspensions by date
i. Comm Period » Commission Period Summary Report
j. Cheque » Report of all Checks written for a date range you select.

1-5 System


Here is where you deal with all money matters and shipping of items and processing of autoships.
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a. Auto Ship » Process Autoships for a particular day of the Month.
b. Invoicing » Print Invoices to ship products. Mark invoices as printed, and mark invoices as shipped.
c. Charging » View todays transactions, View Transactions going back xx days, View and re-charge unpaid credit card orders, View orders paid by cheque. delete orders no longer needed.
d. Withdrawals » Print Cheques, Mark Cheques Printed and update Chq Numbers.
e. Cheque Status » Change status of a cheque
f. Item Maint » Generate Auto Payment Requests, View PayPal Requests, Paypal Report, View Debit Card Requests, Add an item or a category, or edit an item or category in the shopping cart system.
g. CC Blacklist » Add Credit Card numbers to the Blacklist
h. CommRun » Run the Commission plan for the month.
i. User Maint » Add, Edit or Delete users and set Security Levels.

1-6 Configuration


a. Tax tables » Set up Provincial, State and Federal Taxes for any jurisdictions.
b. Title » Set up Achievement Titles for you Compensation System.
c. WebEditor » Add Menu items, Change descriptions for Menu items and set security level necessary to view menu items.

Members Area  

2-1 Member Order


Members can place orders in addition to any autoships they have set up.

2-2 Details


Edit your personal data including address, phone, etc.

2-3 Finances


Change your Credit Card Information, Look at your current Earnings, View all past invoices, and look up all past commission calculations.

a. C/Card » Add or edit your credit card data in the system
b. Invoices » View all of your past and current invoices for product shipments.
c. Earnings » Show Historical Earnings by commission period.

2-4 Summary


View your personally sponsored Associates and Customers with details on each.

2-5 Graph Viewer


View your genealogy in a graphical format. in real time.

2-6 Logout


Logout of the Members Lounge.

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