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I think it may be most fun if I start with simply telling you my story in the warm market. It may help some of you relate to me!!

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My Story

The first thing I did, and I did do this step right is I made a list!!

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made a list of 255 people. I blew through my warm market list in about 3 days. At least the 60 or so on my list I didn’t prejudge! I got absolutely nowhere.

The people I thought would be totally interested were not interested at all. I thought every single person would jump at the chance to buy our products. They didn’t. I was sure everyone would support me in my new business venture. They didn’t!!

The difference for me was the more people told me I was crazy, the more I knew I must be on the right track!!!! You see my thinking was if everyone agreed with me, then everyone would already be doing it and I wouldn’t stand to make that much money by excelling at it.

I just went merrily along trying to bludgeon them into watching a video or coming to a meeting. I pushed sold and tried to convince them to buy the products. Fortunately I did sell all my products, but unfortunately, I didn’t get much interest in the business.

The one advantage to selling all your product in a hurry is you get all your money back and you can tell your friends about the profit you have already earned in your business, and the second is the Testimonials you get. Amazing, the stories started to pour in!

At the end of it all an uncle joined me in the business and a few of my fathers companies employees did as well. They only lasted about 3 - 6 months, and never did anything.

You see, I was not interested in following the system. For about 1 and a half years I refused to follow the system.

Do you know what the system is? I am going to share its brilliant simplicity with you but first I want to make you think of one thing.

DUPLICATION. The system has to be duplicateable.

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Once I had suffered all the rejection in my warm market due to not following the system, I deemed the warm market impossible and put the rest of my efforts into the cold market.

My thinking was that after I was making $5000 per month, then they would be interested! Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Nope. After I got to the income, they just said, “yeah but it is one of those pyramid things and you got in first so of course you made it. I couldn’t make it if I started now!!”, man did that tick me off to hear that after waiting 2.5 years to talk to them!!!! Don’t wait, follow the system and you will have success!!

If you work your warm market properly with a simple system, you can see a lot of success. Now I know what you are thinking, “I don’t want to talk to my friends and family!”. WHY NOT???? If you really believe in this industry and your ability to get to the lifestyle you desire, why would you want to do it with strangers instead of people you care about?

The first key to your warm market, is to make your contact list!!

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