Soooooooooooooooo. Are you one of those who claims to only have a warm market of 25 people?

The number one most important thing you can do to ensure your success in MLM is to take 2 hours right now and do your list. Think of it this way. If you have only 5 people on your list and you call two and they say no, how will you feel? Great? Devastated? Now how about if you have 200 on your list and the first say no? Hmmmmmmmmmm. A bit different huh?

How about if I told you there is now a Mobile App that can cut that time down to an HOUR by allowing you to import contacts from both your phonebook AND Facebook in order to start the process?

MLM List Creator is JUST SUCH an App! It will even notify your upline of your progress if you enter their email as your upline!

MLM List Creator for iPhone

MLM List Creator for Android

I will give you ideas on how to expand your list. My rule of thumb is to think of it this way. If you can think of a name and put a face to that name, they should be on your warm market list!!

Just because you put them on your warm market list, does not mean you will contact them right away. The reason for putting them there in the first place is that you can leverage them into a bunch of people they know for your list.

Also, if you follow my list system, you may be surprised that some of the people you thought you shouldn’t approach, will show up at the top of your list once you put them through my ranking system!

Here is a list of people to consider that will put at least 35 warm market people on your list in the next 5 minutes. These will all be in addition to your family and friends. Now you can see a list of 100-200 taking shape huh?

  1. Your Mom
  2. Your Mom's best friend
  3. Your Mom's other friends
  4. You Dad
  5. Your Dad's best friend
  6. Your Dad's other friends
  7. Your aunt
  8. Your aunts best friend
  9. Your aunts other friends
  10. Your other aunts and their friends
  11. Your uncle
  12. Your uncle's best friend
  13. Your uncle's other friends
  14. Your other uncles and their friends
  15. Your brother
  16. Your brothers best friend
  17. Your brothers other friends
  18. Your other brothers and their friends
  19. Your sister
  20. Your sister's best friend
  21. Your sister's other friends
  22. Your other sisters and their best friends
  23. Who sold you your stereo or television?
  24. Who is from your present job?
  25. Who is from school or college?
  26. Who repairs your car?
  27. Who sells you suits?
  28. Who is your financial planner?
  29. Who sold you your home?
  30. Who is on your Christmas card list?
  31. Who is your florist?
  32. Who runs your local gym?
  33. Who sold you your automobile?
  34. Who is your chiropractor?
  35. Who is your local printer?
  36. Who is your lawyer?
  37. Who made your last family photos?
  38. Who is in the Kiwanis club?
  39. Who is in the Rotary club?
  40. Who is in the Lions club?
  41. Who is your UPS driver?
  42. Who is your postmaster or letter carrier?
  43. Who do you play tennis with?
  44. Who are your children’s friends’ parents?
  45. Who appraised your real estate?
  46. Who is involved in civic activities?
  47. Who is in your address directory?
  48. Who is from your old neighborhood?
  49. Who is from your old job?
  50. Who does your dry-cleaning?
  51. Who sells you fishing tackle?
  52. Who is your hair stylist?
  53. Who manages your bank?
  54. Who is your accountant?
  55. Who sells you office supplies?
  56. Who do you play cards with?
  57. Who do you play golf with?
  58. Who heads your local PTA?
  59. Who is your dentist?
  60. Who is your family doctor?
  61. Who lives next door?
  62. Who has a booming business?
  63. Who did you write cheques to this year?
  64. Who sells you groceries?
  65. Who is a waiter you know?
  66. Who is a waitress you know?
  67. Who teaches your Aerobics class?
  68. Who is your minister?
  69. Who is your jeweler?
  70. Who do you bowl with?
  71. Who is your travel agent?
  72. Who sold you your eyeglasses?

Now take what you have learned and apply it to my List and Ranking System to see where you should start!

OR, Just grab the mobile APP and it will help you do it Faster, easier, and in a more fun way. The best part is, as you grow your team you can have them use the app as well and it will report to you WHO is actually coachable and worth your time to help and mentor!

MLM List Creator for iPhone

MLM List Creator for Android

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