Greg Stewart - MLM Master

MLM Truth - Who is Greg Stewart to Dennis Wilson?

Greg Stewart

Greg Stewart previously served as Vice President of Marketing for one of Inc. 500's fastest growing companies in 1997, Jewelway International.

Mr. Stewart has served as President of Networking Alliance (N/A/T/O International) based in Vancouver, Canada, expanding operations to Australia, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.

He previously created, grew and sold Network Productions, an educational marketing company, where he personally produced and sold its audio, video and printed materials to many direct selling companies throughout the world.

He is one of 9 individuals invited to participate in the MLM Master Marketing series of audio tapes produced and sold by Upline Magazine.

In the late1980's he personally funded and produced the first video that gave credibility to the direct selling industry, his company sold over 500,000 tapes before selling the rights to Dexter Yeager of the Amway Corporation.

He has continually been a top earner in numerous direct selling companies. He has and continues to consult to many direct selling companies. Mr. Stewart earned his B.S. from University of Arizona, graduating Cum Laude. Greg also focuses and believes in family values, having 3 daughters guided by his wife Beverly.

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