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You May Be Ignoring Your Best Prospects - Kentucky Douglas



Did you know that Generation-Xers, people ages 18 - 34, are fueling the North American economy? Here is a little blurb that may interest you. . . .

WHIPPER START-UPS Generation X is driving entrepreneurial growth in the United States, according to a study conducted by the National Federation of Independent Business. The study found that people under 35 started or purchased 1.9 million businesses in 1996-- 43 percent of all new businesses that year. Three quarters started from scratch; one half invested $4,000 or less. (Success magazine, July 1998)

Kentucky Douglas Do you happen to know anyone who has a business opportunity available for an investment of less than $4,000? I recently asked a room full of our industry's leaders this question and was met with an enthusiastic, resounding YES!

With the number of young people in Network Marketing growing, I am pleased to announce that we have united to form The Young Networkers Association in an effort to attract and support Gen-X Networkers worldwide.

The Young Networkers Association (YNA) is an association for all Gen-X Network Marketers, regardless of their level of achievement or experience. The common thread between all of our members is that we're success-oriented and share a positive attitude. In supporting each other, we'll also be learning from and motivating each other. Best of all, we've grown up with the idea of being members of a world community, so we share a global view of the industry. (That's truly mind-expanding, not mind-altering, for you ex-hippie boomers out there.)

To register for the Association and/or Newsletter, please call, fax or e-mail us your name, address, age, phone, fax and e-mail, credit card number and card expiration date.

The Young Networkers Association

Voice Mail (250)382-6090

Fax (250)382-6022

One of our first YNA accomplishments has been bringing together six of the top Young Network Marketers in the world. These "Young Masters" are the junior counterparts to the Upline Masters. Our YNA Masters are all magnificent speakers, teachers, and mentors. They are loving, empowering, professional people who have an incredible amount to offer those of their own generation and the industry at large. I'm proud to have them as my friends and partners in this campaign. We share a vision of helping an entire generation to claim belief, freedom and abundance over run-of-the-mill mediocrity, struggle and lost dreams-- and we know the best and only place to live and work those values is Network Marketing.

Our most important communication lifeline is The Young Networker Newsletter. This publication keeps us connected no matter where we live and do our business. Members will read for themselves the many success stories from young Networkers around the world. They'll learn the success tips that propelled the Young Masters to the tops of their organizations. Through The Young Networker and YNA, we can inspire more and more of our generation to believe that they, too, can be truly successful through Network Marketing and live and work their dreams.

You Boomers out there may find a not-so-
hidden benefit in this for yourselves. As many of you may know from experience, young people tend not to listen to their parents, and, instead, exercise an (often careless) right to figure things out for ourselves. Young people tend to feel that previous generations don't really understand them, their feelings, their dreams or even their music. (Sound familiar?)

Young people do, however, listen to their peers. (Ever remember hearing "If Johnny jumps off a bridge, you gonna jump, too?") More than that, different generations have different languages, different dreams and aspirations. As a generation, we need our own role models, people like ourselves who we can relate to, and that's a major benefit the YNA and The Young Networker will provide, role models that work for Gen Xers-- and you, too.

The first issue of The Young Networker Newsletter was released on September 15, 1998. Networkers ages 18 -- 34 can join the Young Networkers Association and receive the newsletter for only $20.00 per year. Networkers aged 35 and up are welcome and encouraged to subscribe to the newsletter as well. International fees vary, so if you are a Networker outside of the U.S. and Canada, please contact us to find out more.

YNA will also be releasing its first tape package featuring the Young Masters in the next month. We're looking forward to the release of several books, tape programs, and YNA seminars that will collectively be a powerful source of proven knowledge and provide success tools targeted for our generation .

To bridge the generation gap, we need your support, partnership and mentoring. Did you know that there are already Gen X-ers in this industry making between half a million and $1.5 million per year? One 26-year-old I know personally is the top distributor in his company, earning around $3 million per year! I mention this not to impress our Boomer friends and their parents, but to share an example of what great heights this generation-- my generation-- is capable of reaching.

Our efforts to motivate Gen-Xers for success will, of course, ultimately lead to greater success for you-- right now and for years to come. You have pioneered and carved out a path to success for us in this industry, and our genuine gratitude will soon show up in the form of more and more dollars as greater and greater numbers of Gen-Xers find their way into your downline.

Perhaps the most important contribution you can make to Generation-X is this: The next time you meet an X-er, remember-- never, ever pre-judge us. Generation-X may be even more success-driven than you are-- and, given the opportunity, they will blow the doors off this industry.

I would like to thank John Milton Fogg for his love and support. Words cannot express what his mentorship means to me. Thank you, too, to all those Upline Masters who have stepped up to the plate and offered their time and expertise. Also, a big thank-you to the industry leaders who have already called for information and subscription forms to distribute to their downlines. Your belief in our endeavor means everything to us.

Best of Success and Rock On!


KENTUCKY DOUGLAS, age 28, is the founder of the Young Networkers Association and co-founder, with Kimberly Cunningham age 27, of The Young Networker Newsletter. He has been a successful entrepreneur since he was 16 years old. Kentucky is a professional speaker who has promoted entrepreneurship at high schools, colleges and private organizations. He has been passionately involved in the Network Marketing industry for over two years and works with Upline as a consultant.

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Reprinted with permission from Upline, Feature - Young Networkers - October 1998, 888-UPLINE-1,