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December 1999


Ten Years of Upline

Create a Prospecting Storm - Gilles Arbour

All actions leading to success in Network Marketing are based on the strength of your prospecting ability. It is largely a numbers game: The more you prospect, the more you will recruit-- and the more your Network will grow. If you contact 100 people, you'll recruit far more than if you prospect only 10 people. Prospecting is the foundation and the key to massive success.

It is vitally important to understand this concept. Many will recruit one or two "heavy hitters" and then wait for the gold to come in. In my experience, most of these "superstars" are not who they say they are. Some of them will suddenly disappear without even a "goodbye"; others will recruit 10 people in a day-- and then move on to other things; others will have personal challenges that "request" all of their attention for a while. Any MLM business builder will tell you that they have been disappointed by some promising candidates who delivered little or did nothing at all with the opportunity. It just happens.

What's the preventive cure for this syndrome? There's only one: prospect, prospect again, and then prospect some more. When you have a broad prospecting base, drop-outs don't affect the growth of your network; it's simply a built-in factor.

The other side of the prospecting coin is also very compelling: Prospects you didn't count on will surprise you and rise up to their own potential, becoming super players on your team and propelling you to high levels of success.

In order to build a powerful organization, it is critical to do massive prospecting and give a solid start to your new business. Just think: If you contact 1000 prospects in your first 100 days (that's only ten a day!), you'll create an unstoppable momentum and a residual income forever. What else could you possibly do in 100 days that would bring you financial freedom and time freedom as well? How many years (or perhaps, lifetimes!) of college would it take to possibly get to that point in life?

What am I suggesting here? It's simple: For a period of 90 to 100 days, go for it-- full out! Invite everybody you know to a meeting or a teleconference. Send away prospecting audiotapes and videotapes. Tell everyone you meet about your company. Ask for referrals. Place ads. Wear a button that says, "Financially free, ask me how!" (We use one in our algae business that says, "I eat algae, ask me why!" People do.) Show up ... be a product of your product ... prospect everywhere-- in planes, trains and automobiles, at restaurants and parties, weddings and baby showers-- anywhere and everywhere. Don't waste time; cut down on TV, romance novels, MLM junk mail and any other unproductive activities. Be focused!

When you do the prospecting phase of your business-building, do it intensively. Your team players will model your strategy and you'll be onto a fabulous experience with Network Marketing.

The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. The Network of 10,000 distributors begins with the single step of prospecting-- a storm of prospecting! Create a storm!

GILLES ARBOUR is a 10-year veteran of Network Marketing who has prospected his way to Double Diamond in Cell Tech. He lives just outside of Montreal, Quebec. This article first appeared in the September 1994 issue.

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Reprinted with permission from Upline, Create a Prospecting Storm! - December 1999, 888-UPLINE-1,