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November 1999


Success Story

News bytes in this edition of Upline Times:

  1. An Equal Opportunity Industry
  2. Savvy Travel Planning
  3. Health by the Numbers
  4. Put the Fun into Your Trainings
  5. All By Myself
  6. Mainstream Media Mention
  7. Slicing the Web Pie
  8. A Prospecting Quotable


An Equal Opportunity Industry

Raise your hand if you've read about Carleton Fiorina becoming the chief executive of Hewlett-Packard. She made the business section of at least three news magazines because her new position makes her the highest ranking female executive in a Dow 30 company. Ms. Fiorina has reportedly been known for a brutal schedule of travel and late-night involvement with all aspects of her work; her husband stays home to take care of his two daughters from a previous marriage. The Time magazine headline read "What Glass Ceiling?" The irony of that is the newsworthiness of Ms. Fiorina being the very first woman to reach that level. If there is no glass ceiling, why all the fuss?

Now raise your hand if you've met or read about successful women in Network Marketing. (Yes, you may also raise your hand if you are one.) Mary Kay Ash has been making news for years and was recently on the cover of Network Marketing Lifestyles. High-level, powerful women are more the norm in our industry than otherwise. Just a thought for the next time you're out prospecting in the executive offices of traditional business. Ask the mid-level execs which they'd prefer: to follow Ms. Fiorina into the ranks of stressed out Dow 30 CEOs, or to retire as multi-millionaires from running their own businesses, at their own pace. Tough choice, eh?

(Source: Newsweek, Time, and US News & World Report magazines, August 2, 1999)



Savvy Travel Planning

Whether you travel every week or every other year, you have better ways to use your time than waiting for a delayed flight. Try the following time- and traveler-tested tips the next time you call your travel agent:

  • Leave early. The early bird gets the flight that leaves on time.


  • Use an airline which has several flights from your departure city to your destination. If one is canceled or delayed, you have alternatives.

  • Check the airline's on-time rating before you book your flight. Your travel agent will have that information.

  • Fly to smaller airports when you have the option. Large international and hub airports have traffic jams overhead, which often create delays.

  • Take non-stop flights so you don't have to even consider time for a connection.

  • Pay attention to the season/location factor. If you fly into snow country in the winter or Bermuda during hurricane season, you take your chances with what the weather throws out. If you have a choice, fly when your weather window is most likely to be wide open.
(Source: USA Today, August 30, 1999)



Health by the Numbers

If you are a Network Marketer of health and nutrition products in the US, take a look at the following statistics on your target market:


Annual American consumption per capita in pounds (as of 1997)
Red meat 111
Poultry 64
Fish 15
Cheese 28
Fats & oils 66
Sweeteners 154


60% of the men polled were moderately overweight or obese, according to accepted medical standards, while 43% of the women are. 9% of women and 1% of men are underweight.

40% of those polled had never tried an alternative to traditional Western medicine, while 15% use herbal remedies, 6% vitamin therapy, and 75% think it's important to use multivitamin supplements.

26% drink three or more cups of coffee each day, but 29% don't drink any at all. 59% consider themselves "somewhat well informed" on health issues.

(Source: Newsweek, August 2, 1999)



Put the Fun into Your Trainings

If your organization has shown a notable lack of enthusiasm for Saturday training sessions, you'll want to read the following tips from Beth Thomas of the Limited Training Group.

1. Let business schedules determine learning schedules. If Saturday morning is a representative's best time for prospecting, then consider moving the training to less action-oriented times.

2. Interaction is where the action is. Working as a team is fun as well as productive, and teamwork shows up best in activity. If you've ever attended a seminar by Brian Klemmer or Brian Biro, you know how powerful it is to engage in activity with other course participants.

3. Games are good. Many people get into Networking to put some fun and freedom back into their lives. Think of ways to learn while you play.

4. Four hours, not forever. Adults tend to think that short attention spans disappear along with childhood. We're actually a soundbite society with plenty already on our minds. Spaced repetition goes farther than the all-day cram session.

5. Get `em while they're young. Train your new representatives from the start, instead of letting them get discouraged by repeated rookie mistakes.

(Source: Fast Company magazine, August 1999)

All By Myself

Want a great statistical argument for working at home? Try an estimated 6.9 million school-age children who will spend two or more hours by themselves each school-day afternoon. Dubbed "crime time" by the police, the hours from 2 to 8 p.m. accommodate 50% of violent juvenile crime in the US. Many parents see the situation as a necessary financial evil-- one of the sacrifices families make to keep a two-income lifestyle-- but Network Marketers know an alternative that allows for a nest egg, college fund, and quality time with growing children. Now might be a good time to prospect parents who aren't really comfortable knowing their kids are home alone.

(Source: US News & World Report, September 13, 1999)


Mainstream Media Mention

What fun to see a Network Marketing company's products mentioned in a non-industry publication! NuSkin's hair products were touted side-by-side with Revlon, Clairol, and Origins. Granted, they could have done the whole article with fabulous products from a range of Networking companies, but it's worth celebrating to see the industry making its way onto the big playground, even just one product at a time.

(Source: Fitness magazine, September 1999)

Slicing the Web Pie

If you've toyed with the idea of using the Internet for your business, check out the following statistics. Americans go to the Web for:


  • 49% research

  • 42% investigating products/services


  • 37% email

  • 24% purchasing

  • 16% surfing to find new sites

  • 15% getting updates on news and weather

Where are you most likely to find home computers? Try Alaska, where 62% of the households have computers. Computer owners in Utah and Washington account for 60% and 56% of their respective state populations. At the bottom of the home computer list are West Virginia (28%) and Mississippi (26%).

(Source: USA Today, August 25 & 30, 1999)


A Prospecting Quotable

"When good people are given good information, they typically make good decisions," says Consolidated Diesel plant manager Jim Lyons. Sounds like a great motto for prospecting.

(Source: Fast Company, August 1999)

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