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February 2000



Punch Your Prospects in the Nose - Hard: (Repeat Every Three Weeks til They Sign Up) - Art Jonak

Hosting the annual "MLM High-Tech" workshop this year confirmed two things: 1) holding these once a year is no longer often enough and 2) adding technology to proven marketing principles can produce even better results. For example, there are three elements that affect memory:

recency, frequency, and vividness.

The more recently something has happened to you, the more likely you are to remember it. Also, the more often this thing has happened, the more likely you are to remember it. Finally, if what happened was very dramatic, very vivid, you are even more likely to remember it.

Let's say that some guy just punched you in the nose. He also punched you yesterday, last week, last month and several other times during the last few months. Not only has he been punching you in the nose over and over, he has been punching you hard! I'll bet you'll remember that guy, won't you?

Now, let's say there is a group of people you want to remember you -- your customers and prospects, for example. You don't want them to remember you as a guy who slugs them in the nose, but you do want to be remembered as a person who had an enormous impact on them (favorable, of course).

How often should you contact your customers and prospects? Every day? Once a year? Every other month? The most profitable frequency to mail to a list is ... dum da dum dum ... approximately every 21 days!

It doesn't have to be clockwork, but if you wait much more than three weeks, your prospects are likely to forget you. If you write to them constantly, they might get tired of you, but few distributors make the mistake of contacting too often. Most don't make contact nearly often enough! You should contact your list at least ten times a year.

Let's move on to how you can easily outshine your competitors using technology as your secret weapon. What I'm talking about is impact! Vividness. Drama. Intrigue. Suspense. Theatrics. Letters our customers can't ignore! Letters that, when they open the envelope, two hands come slithering up. One hand grabs our reader by the jugular and forces him to pay attention while the other hand makes him call and beg for more information on your product or opportunity.

Most novice distributors worry they are being too dramatic when they are not being nearly dramatic enough. You're in competition with maybe 1,500 other commercial messages your prospect is bombarded with every day. Not only that, your prospect has hundreds of other concerns occupying his mind at any given time. How do you expect to get his attention?

A few of the tech-tools Network Marketers use are three-way calls, e-cards, audios, videos, web sites, auto-responders, live conference calls, pre-recorded overview messages, e-mail, sample product packs, fax machines... Do advertisers use tools like these every day, every week or even every month? Unlikely.

Why not use a different tool for each contact? First, send your prospects a product sample or an e-card. Then send them an audio. Invite them onto a live conference call. Follow that up with an e-mail message or a fax. After that, do a three-way call with your upline or drop off a video. You get the picture.

Frequency, recency, and vividness. If you have a good offer, incorporating tech-tools into your follow-up will make you stand out from all the competition.

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Reprinted with permission from Upline, Technology - January 2000, 888-UPLINE-1,