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Gillette Fusion Power

First there was Gillette Mach 3, then there was Gillette Mach 3 Power, and now Gillette Fusion Power.

I have to tell you I didn't think Gillette could do it.

When the Gillette Mach 3 Razor came out, I remember I was doing a training for my MLM company. I had hated wet shaving until that day. I mentioned at my training how amazing this Gillette Mach 3 Razor was, and how much my face didn't hurt and all my wonderful experiences with that revolutionary product. I bet over the next 3 months the power of networkers set in and over 30 people told me how much they agreed with me as they had bought one as a result of my comments. Wow! If 30 told me about it, how many bought one and didn't tell me about it? Or how many told their friends and didn't tell me. Was that my butterfly affect?

I am happy if it was as Gillette just kept going. I have to tell you, the Gillette Fusion Power razor almost never got me. Finally I was in Costco and needed razor blades. I saw these and thought no way $58 bucks for 16 razors, they can't be that good! Gillette Fusion Power just couldn't be that much better, could they?

Then I thought back to my Mach 3 blades and shaving experience...

Couldn't stand to miss out on another great Shaving revolution so I laid down my $58 and got myself a costco size serving of the blades. Now here is complaint time. Up till now all the blades have been able to be used with other handles in the Mach 3 family so I didn't buy a new vibrating handle. MISTAKE. The Gillette Fusion Power is not backwards compatible, so you do need a NEW HANDLE!

Another $18 bucks at the local Shoppers Drug Mart to buy my Gillette Fusion Power Razor Vibrating handle.

Could hardly wait to wake up and try shaving with my new Gillette Fusion Power Razor. I have to admit I didn't the Gillette Fusion Power Razor could that much better than the Mach 3 Turbo I have been using for a Year!!


Wow!!!! AMAZING. This Gillette Fusion Power is KILLER!!

Gillette Fusion power has 5 blades. I got such a fine shave that I couldn't even feel regrowth for about 4 hours!!! Unheard of for me as I usually have regrowth an hour after shaving it seems. Not wtih Gillette Fusion Power. Wow!

The little extra blade for trimming I thought was just a gimmick and was certain I didn't need that feature on my Gillette Fusion Power. WRONG AGAIN. what a great tool for getting those spots right up by your nose. I think I will cut myself much less often and never have a tender upper lip from trying to get those pesky suckers again, not to mention sideburn trimming!

And the final feature I will fall in love with is the battery low indicator on the Gillette Fusion Power razor. Didn't even know how badly I needed this until I felt the difference of a new battery in my Gillette Fusion Power Razor vs. the year old batter in my Mach 3 Turbo razor.

All in all an amazing razor!!!

Lets do a test. If you buy a Gillette Fusion Razor as a result of this Blog or My website where I will duplicate this rant, email me at I will keep track. Bet more than 30 will happen.

It is Stupendous, think I will buy some Stock in Gillette now, or maybe they will gift me a few shares for this VERY PUBLIC and yet Unsolicited Testimonial which I expect to get some serious traffic!!