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MLM Software by Internet Next Step, is that all?

CRM Software Plus (AutoProspecting System)

This multi use Email Marketing System is an integrated internet Sales automation engine and customer relationship tracking system. The MLM world often calls it an AutoProspecting System. 

Learn how to put our Email Marketing System to Work for YOU.

  1. The front end of our Email Marketing System is used to make an introduction to a product, service or opportunity.  You are in control of the look and feel, the audio message, and all the wording including the questionnaire!
  2. Once interested parties opt in to receive information, the back end power of this system kicks in.  Autoresponder follow up, full online contact management system, email reminders of who you are supposed to contact today, automatic birthday and anniversary emails to your contacts and a whole lot more.
  3. This system can be licensed stand alone single user, or licensed for a large sales organizations.  large organizations have control of base setups to ensure continuity of the sales message. 

Put our Email Marketing System to work for your company and watch your sales prospects grow and conversion rates soar.


For a Non MLM version of explanation and how this campaign management tool can help your day job or company, click Sales Force Automation (you have to allow popups, or hit SHIFT while you click on the above link)

MLM Consulting or Network Marketing Consulting

Whether you are an established company who is looking for ways to streamline and get to that next level, or a brand new company needing to develop a compensation plan and overall strategy for your new or future company, We can help.

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MLM Presentations, Flash MLM Presentations, Powerpoint MLM Presentations.

Need a proper MLM Presentation to allow your members to duplicate your corporate message and enroll much more successfully?  We can help, take a look at our page that is all about MLM Presentations, lots of examples too.

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Internet Strategy Consulting

Do you have a website that isn't performing?  Do you need to get a strategy behind it so you can see a return on your investment?  Are you lacking traffic?  We can help.

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