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Keyword Tutorial #2 - Diamond Rain

Title:  Health, Wealth and a new millenium

Good Title:  to be determined after keywords narrowed down a bit more.

Top 20 keywords

In this process we eliminated a lot of words that were too product specific or that anyone from outside the nutritional supplement world would not be likely to search.  We didn't want to limit ourselves to just the people in the industry or knowledgeable of the industry.  We instead kept a number of common words that your average person knows about and may be interested in learning more about.  We included some of the more important illnesses that diamondrains site could prevent.  We also included all the company names that related to diamondrains products.  Finally we included some words on business that didn't relate too directly to words only networkers would understand.  We tried to keep them as words that a disgruntled employee might search for as he contemplates his future.

health wealth business diet compensation
rexall enrich supplements weight loss nutrition
lifestyle home business retirement cleanse networking 
wellness anti aging preventative medicine personal care anti wrinkle
alternative health cancer prevention prostate cancer cardiac immune enhancer
antioxidant vitamins centrum minerals heart disease
st johns wort unicity network second income side business diamondrain 
royal numico        

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