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Re-Writing Your Webpage for Search Engine Placement

Now here is another Extremely Subjective section.  We can give you the basics, and some examples, and the rest would be up to you.

The topic of Search Engine Placement is HUGE.  We will only be touching on the Basics in this tutorial.  Each search engine has its own rules that they check by so creating a page that will show up at the top of all the search engines is difficult.

We will show you some basic rules of thumb that are kind of averages for what the search engines like to see.  If you want to go further on getting GREAT search engine rankings, we suggest a great piece of software that can help you do that.  We recommend you design your pages with this tutorial first to get you close, then activate your trial so you don't waste trial days building pages from scratch.

Step 1

The main point here is to get your keyword density up.  Keyword density is how many words out of the total words are keywords.  You want to try to achieve as high a keyword density as you can while maintaining an exciting website.

It is a very good idea to make sure your Description for the page is also the First paragraph on the page.  Then go on to expand on this paragraph in the rest of the body of the page.

Things Not to DO!

Repeating keywords over and over is a definate NO NO and can actually get you penalized with the search engines do don't do it.  

A few other tricks that used to work, but now carry penalties are making text with all your keywords in the same color as the background color so they can't be seen by people, just by search engines.  This also now carries a penalty.  Don't do it!

Putting a bunch of Mice Type loaded with your keywords way down at the bottom of your page is also liable to get you a penalty in search engines, so don't do that either!!

Step 2 - Optimizing your Pictures text

You can get even more keywords in by making sure your pictures themselves have keywords in the name, and you put keywords in the Alt section of the tag.