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Second Life and Why MLM Companies are Embracing it

  Second Life is an online virtual world taking the business world by storm.  It is currently growing by over 20,000 residents per day.

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Dell, IBM, APPLE and more have significant presences in this online world to keep a fresh face of hipness attached to their company.

Not only is it extremely fun, but it opens up an entire new demographic to your business while giving you an excellent marketing story to re-invigorate or just plain invigorate your members.

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Lacoste is running a Modeling competition (could be over by the time you read this, was set to finish May 6, 2007) in it for publicity.  On their main website you can view pictures of avatars (the second life character you assume when you become a resident that you can completely customize) that you can vote for.  Important enough for a company like Lacoste to be hip, could work well for your MLM Company too.

Imagine doing a Product launch in second life and offering a special incentive to only those who participate online!  An entirely new Hip dynamic for your MLM Company.

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The collaboration potential of Second Life is so huge, IBM and other Blue Chip companies have developed huge presences in Second Life.

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INS can help you strategize and set up your Second Life presence with turn key packages starting as low as $2500.00 Email us for More Info at or call us at 604-351-3249


Second Life INS Presentation Building

How can INS help you with your Second Life Strategy?

  • 1 hour FREE phone session to help you better understand how big this can be for you.
  • 15 minute FREE in world Tour to show you what is possible
  • Consulting to help you flesh out a viable strategy
  • Construction of your presence in Second Life if you do not want to do it yourself.
  • Instant availability of tools for you to share with your Members to learn the benefits of prospecting in world.
  • Enable all technologies required for streaming video or real time voice presentations for your company

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If you would like to discuss further in Second Life, my avatars name is Ins Watanabe feel free to IM me

Ins Watanabe

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  • Second Life Ready Made Presentation Room
  • Second Life basic presence for collaboration and training
  • Second Life building and customizing to make your 2nd life "sticky" Can help show you the way.  The first step to your Second Life to propel you beyond your competitors is to Get a SecondLife and it is FREE.  Follow the link below to sign up as a new member as well as get to our location to learn more In World!

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