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Mark and Rene Yarnell

As I write this, I'm in a plane flying from Perth to Sydney-- right in the middle of a speaking tour in Australia. Two weeks. Nine talks. Four cities: Sydney, Perth, (back to Sydney), the Gold Coast, and Brisbane. NATO, Neways a couple of times, Nuskin, USANA, LEC and our first Upline Australia Lifer's Retreat.

I'm having a ball!

I love Australia and Australians. Friendly in the extreme. Great people. They talk funny. Drive on the wrong side of the road (and if you're in Sydney, cars are weapons!) They are the single most competitive group of people on the planet, yet they can't stand a "tall poppy"-- someone who is full of himself and wants you to know it. World's greatest Chardonnay, and Pennfold's Grange keeps getting voted the best wine in the world!

As I said, I love Australia.

Bought a raw silk jacket from the same place Tom Cruise and Elton John shop. Another opal-- I'm starting a collection. Walked 18 holes with Mark Davis, Publisher and owner of Upline Australia, wearing clogs no less. Memorable meals, fascinating people, great trip. Great!

More than all of the other things I'll remember about my third trip Down Under are-- the things that came up in the talks and seminars. I don't do the front of the room like other speakers. I can't stand on stage and talk at people. Drives me nuts! I want to be in a conversation with the people in the audience. I want to talk with them about what they want to know-- not what I think they want to hear. Their agenda. Not mine.

So, I go into these talks without a set plan of cover this, then do that, tell `em this here, that there. I know when we start, when we end, and where the breaks oughta' be, but as for the rest-- the almighty content-- I simply trust the process. (And sure, it drives some of the people putting on the events crazy!) What comes up and out from these days and nights is often a surprise.

I remember some of the old things I've forgotten-- and just how very valuable they are-- and I learn some new things, too. I'll say some things I've never said before, and it's wonderful!

Best advice I ever got and need to pay lots more attention to: Trust the process. (Kind of like James Bond walking into Dr. No's lair with nothing but the bathing suit he's got on and defeating the bad doctor, destroying his island fortress, saving the world and going home with Ursula Andress.) Trust the process indeed.

Here's some of what I learned-- again-- and for the first time.

Your listening and your imagination are the two most powerful and empowering skills in the world. They are both life and business skills. Mastering them will make you great.

When you're truly listening to a prospect, the only time you will hear the word "No" is when you say it.

Imagination comes in two flavors: Good and bad. Good imaginings are those which empower; bad ones disempower. We're always using our imagination-- always. Worry is one form of imagination. Its opposite is vision. You can expect the best or the worst, and chances are that you'll get what you expect.

Imagination is imagined. It's not real. It can become real-- and does all the time-- but the fact is you make it up. You make it all up-- the good and the bad-- "it" being your life and work. So, given that you make it all up, why make up anything that doesn't empower you?

Values are the building blocks of life. Your values are what make you tick, and experiencing them and exploring them and expressing them is what has you keep on ticking. When you're upset or dissatisfied, it's because your values haven't been honored. When you experience satisfaction and joy, it's `cause your values were valued.

When you learn your prospects' values-- and only when you learn their values-- you can bring them into the business or not, effortlessly. It's your choice. Piece of cake.

Network Marketing is simple-- and, contrary to what's been said for years, and I've said it, too-- IT'S EASY. Well, it can be easy. That's another choice you have.

Belief doesn't really matter! Whoooa! Yup-- doesn't matter.

You've done things you didn't believe you could-- right?

Ever hear somebody win a race or get an award and say, "I don't believe it?" You don't need to believe in your success, or the efficacy of some technique like writing affirmations for it/them to work out, to happen the way you want. Imagination is more powerful than belief. Use it.

All you ever do in Network Marketing is learn how to do something, do it, then teach a few other people to do what you already know how to do. Simple. Easy. Russ DeVan told me that years ago. I forgot. Now, I remember.

Use the products. Teach other people how to do that. Now you have customers. Teach other people how to do that. Now you have a small organization. Teach other people how to do that. Now you have a big organization.

It's simple. It's easy.

You can make it hard, if you want to . . . but why?

Start your day-- every day from now on-- by writing a list of ten things you are grateful for and ten things you acknowledge/praise yourself for. In one month or less, your life will change for the better. Thanks, Teresa. You're right!

Make a vision, like a movie, of a perfect "day in your life." Read it every morning, every evening. In one month or less, your life will change for the better. Mach II With Your Hair On Fire. Thanks, Richard. You're right!

Network Marketing is the most "personal" business in the world. Because of that, the people who succeed in it are committed to their own and other's personal growth. That's the way it is. It's called leadership.

The bottom line: You and I are doing and being all that we do and be because we want to love and be loved. That's the way it is. It's called life. Network Marketing is simply a way to live life with a comp plan attached. That's why it's The Greatest Business in the World.

As I said, I love Australia and Australians. --JMF

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Reprinted with permission from Upline, The First Word-October 1998, 888-UPLINE-1,