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Home Office Checklist - Luke Melia



The gotta-have-it technology list for a killer MLM office at home

You've joined the revolution and converted your spare bedroom into a home office. You've pulled the chair up to the desk . . . but now what? Here's a list of the tools that will make your home office a Network Marketing power center!

Phone Definitely on a separate business line, with voice mail & 3-way calling. A speakerphone is a must-have feature, too. Bonus: a cordless headset!
Fax Machine Even better, a multi-function machine that can make copies, too.
Computer With e-mail, web access, and good Network Marketing contact management software.
Whiteboard With colored markers and eraser. Gotta draw those circles!
US or World Map Bonus: red pins marking cities where you have a group growing.
Good Lighting No florescents!
Prospecting Partner Or a similar system for recording conference calls and playing back testimonials over the phone.
Bookshelf Filled with only the books and tape albums that you would be happy if your downline read and listened to.
Stereo You'll want to listen to audio tapes or good upbeat music while you're doing non-phone work.
Inspiration Pictures of your family, photos of yourself with Network Marketing leaders, inspirational posters, dream-building collages or photographs, and a posted list of your goals.
File Cabinets Keep your business organized!
Clock This sounds obvious, but you must get to your calls and appointments on time!
Mailing Station Unless you use a fulfillment house for your long-distance packages, you'll want to keep your mailing supplies together and have a simple system for getting a package out the door.

Your home office should be kept clean and organized. Remember, it's a place where you have the technology to sit down in your own home and reach out to the whole world, helping thousands of people step out of the shadows of their reality and into the sunlight of opportunity. And, yes, if you want, you can do it in your pajamas and bunny slippers. -- Luke Melia


Luke welcomes comments and ideas about this or other columns. You can e-mail him at or fax him at

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Reprinted with permission from Upline, Upline Technology - October 1998, 888-UPLINE-1,