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April 1999


First Word

It Takes All Kinds - John Milton Fogg

John Milton FoggWhen I first got involved with Network Marketing, I had all kinds of reasons: Good ones, a bad one (that greedy one), some were conceptual/intellectual, and there were emotional ones as well. The one reason that's lasted longest and grown in size and shape-- blossomed if you will-- is freedom.

There was, of course, the promise of residual income-- financial freedom. There was the freedom of time that came from working where and when I wanted. There was the freedom of choice: earning a living in the company of only those people I preferred to be with. Working from my home and watching my kids grow up at close range. Being my own boss. Being my own self.

Yet of all the freedoms the Network Marketing life-- and work-style-- provided, there is one which has come to mean the most to me. The freedom to do this business my way-- and to have you, any and all of you-- do it the way you choose. Network Marketing is after all, the most American of any way of working for a living.

There's a problem-- at least the possibility of a problem-- potential with all democracies such as Network Marketing. Somebody, somewhere will behave in a way I don't like.

Such as . . . ?


This was posted a little while ago on the message boards at Luke Melia, our webmaster and keeper of the flame of integrity removed the post as soon as he saw it. Luke did say he especially liked the headline and the "respect" clause at the end.


[---begin forwarded text]


Network marketers steal a downline today!

Forget warm marketing or targeted advertising. This recruiting opportunity you've always dreamed of. Adversity creates opportunity!

International Heritage, Inc. has gone out of business, and nearly 200,000 sales representatives are looking for a home. Get their top producers TODAY!

Everyone has heard of IHI's explosive growth. Over the past 3 years, these representatives sold more than $200 million worth of products and services. Million dollar producers are now looking for a new opportunity. The Timing is perfect!

See who the top producers at IHI were. You can purchase the name, addresses and phone numbers of their entire database of U.S. and Canadian representatives for only $3,500!

Order Today! Send money order or certified check to:


[Name, addresses, phone number and bank reference withheld, by personal request of me]


Make sure you e-mail us back right away!

In respect for IHI reps's privacy, only a few copies of IHI's data base will be sold. So hurry and order now!

(Database format: Excel spreadsheet on 3.5" floppy disks)

The Early Bird Catches the Worm!

[--- end forwarded text]


Indeed! The worms crawl in/The worms crawl out.

Now of course, it could be a joke. Considering that line near the end, the one Luke enjoyed so much that went, "In respect for IHI reps's privacy, only a few copies will be sold . . . " I mean, it really could be a joke, `cause that's really funny. But if this e-mail message is not a prank, then that line and the entire message is funny like a crutch. Truly, a gag.


Does it have to take all kinds?

I suppose so.

And I know there are some people out there who will use the above down-n-dirty appeal as one more indictment of the bad business of our business.

The price of freedom . . . ?

There are, of course, two sides to everything. The coin of Network Marketing included.

Like sex. On one side: Sharing love, ecstasy, intimacy, making new little people. On the other: Abuse and violation. Both the front and the back of the whole rich and varied collection of individual thoughts, actions, feelings and spiritual happenings called sex.

In Network Marketing, there are front and back sides as well. And it's naive of me to even wistfully want there to be all of the good and none of the bad. (Sorry, NuSkin.) The values expressed in the e-mail above-- which I label as bad-- I really think our business can do without. Frankly, I can do without the people involved even more.

But Network Marketing is above all a democracy. One of those wonderful (and all too few) freedom-filled places on the planet where, to paraphrase the famous Frenchman, I can passionately disagree with what is said, but defend to the death any and everybody's right to say it.

I don't like that e-mail. Fact is, I hate it! And if it and the other things like it-- such as front-loading, flashing checks, getting people in the business whether they should be or not, on- or over-the-edge comp plans, companies going down the tubes (and stranding all those good people), way-over-priced products, etcetera, is the price of freedom for you and me in this business . . . so be it.

What there is to do about the bad stuff is to ignore it. Refuse to allow it 1.5 nanoseconds-- much less 15 minutes-- of fame. No, not like big bird with your head in the sand. Being ignorant and choosing to ignore are different.

As my young (Networker's Association) friend Kentucky Douglas advises, un-plug the radio and TV news (which is really the olds ) about death and destruction and stay away from the company of negative people and their contrary conversation. Fill your day with as much positive input as possible-- theirs and yours. Neither fight nor flight with what's not right. Ignore it. Choose to withhold any and all of your energy from it. On a conscious level, suffocate and starve the bad stuff to death.

Free enterprise and democracy have an innate trust in the process. Both the economic and political marketplaces tend to elevate with success that which is best and cause that which is not-- all the bad stuff-- to fade into failure and disappear.

It's just a matter of time. In this day and age of technology doubling every 18 months, time is moving along faster than ever. The life-cycle of negativity and all that does not serve fades fast.

With freedom comes responsibility. The more responsible you think and act and feel, the more free you are. The more free you empower us all to be.

Yes, it takes all kinds. Which kind thrives and dominates is up to you and me. By choosing to ignore what's not right (nor fair, nor just, nor honoring people's values) by turning away your feeling attention and giving your creative energy to what's best and brightest, you will be personally taking Network Marketing to the next, highest level.

Yes, it takes all kinds. But they can only take what we give them.


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Reprinted with permission from Upline, The First Word-April 1999, 888-UPLINE-1,