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April 1999


Reviews and Recommends

MLM and Network Marketing Book Reviews - Young Networkers Association, Chin-Ning Chu

The Young Networkers Association

Last October, we published an article by Kentucky Douglas, founder of The Young Networkers Association, about "Gen-X"-- who they are as prospects and as Network Marketers. The Association's newsletter, The Young Networker, is still only a few issues young, but what I've read, I like-- a lot!

If you are between the ages of 18 and 34, you "count" as part of Gen-X, and this newsletter is to and for you. If you are 35 or above, you'll find information here that will benefit your business, too, while keeping you informed about what the younger generation is up to in Network Marketing. It's still true that Gen-X Networkers are in the minority industry-wide, but the more the voices in this newsletter are heard, the more Gen-Xers will be drawn to the business.

And who are these voices? Shane Klippenes-- a 25-year-old from Montana who, after two years, is one of the top money earners in his company, a stock holder and a member of the international
distributor advisory board; Sergio Buaiz-- the 23-year-old president of The Brazilian Institute of Multi-Level Marketing and editor of the first Brazilian MLM paper, Estagio 10; Jim Darechuk-- a top distributor with his company at 33, two years after living out of his car, broke; Ryan Smith-- a
23-year-old who built a network of tens of thousands in two and a half years; Claes Lundstrom-- a 25-year-old Swedish Networker who has over 15,000 distributors in his group in less than four years; Kristan Sargeant-- a Columbia University grad who turned to Network Marketing and, at 25, leads a network of tens of thousands; and more. Pretty impressive group, wouldn't you say? And these are just from the issues that have come out so far! When you call to subscribe, get the back issues, too, if any remain.

Here's a brief sample from the interview with Kristan Sargeant to give you an idea where these leaders are coming from:

"I went to my first Network Marketing meeting with the well-honed skepticism of a Gen-Xer. I was suspicious of group affiliation in general, but especially when the point of the affiliation was to get excited... I mean, literally to get into a heightened state of business ecstasy! (Gen-Xers are not the first to admit they care about anything let alone get excited about it.)

"...Despite all my skepticism, something captured me in that initial meeting. The heart of what was going on behind all the "rah-rah" was intriguing to me. What on earth had these people so enthralled? Enthralled with their hearts, not just their egos. Here was a group of people who were accessing the best, most visionary part of themselves. What could have moved them so profoundly? This is what captured me.

"...I don't think young people have caught on that Network Marketing can be a stepping stone to their dreams. . . . [b]ecause it hasn't been delivered to them on the level of their dreams. You see what it took for me to get involved, someone recognizing what I could get out of the experience and drawing it out of me. There are hundreds, thousands, millions of young people just waiting to be appealed to on their terms.

"...I look forward to a day when the rooms are filled with young people who see what an incredible investment in their future Network Marketing can be."

The Young Networker is not an expensive, glossy publication-- yet. And it's worth every penny and more of the $20 subscription/membership fee. I highly recommend the newsletter and the organization-- if you're a Gen-Xer, get involved! If you're not, then support the Association and check out what the rising young industry stars have to say! --UO

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Do Less, Achieve More: Discover the Hidden Power of Giving In

By Chin-Ning Chu

There are people around us, possibly in your company, who seem to fit a few extra hours into every day. They come to every meeting with several new prospects, cheer their children at every soccer game, return all their calls, and find time to work out at the gym five times a week. Chin-Ning Chu offers an alternative to hating these folks-- join them. She offers three secrets to guide us: Fine-Tune Your Actions, Put Your Mind at Ease, Discover the Divine Power.

If the last secret sounds a little too religious for you, don't let it put you off. Chin-Ning Chu has a definite spiritual basis for her ideas, but she doesn't try to push it at her readers. She even suggests that we think carefully to tailor her ideas to best serve our individual beliefs.

The ideas are profound, but easily understood through examples. The author talks about how we need to get into the rhythm of ease and effort, seeing them as partners, not opposites. If, like an athlete or ballerina, we put effort into developing skill and timing, the performance will come with ease. If we pour our efforts into pushing a prospect to purchase product or get into the business, our effort may well continue without ever achieving success. Master Networkers put effort into areas which allow them to achieve with ease. They know that anyone they have to push into the business will have to be pushed every other step of the way.

Chin-Ning explains that misprioritizing is a key reason we slide into misdirected efforts. Her example is the river, which never stops flowing to the ocean. It may encounter boulders, which need to be eroded, avoided, or moved, but the primary direction continues. Human beings tend to forget all about the sea as they batter themselves against crises and obstacles.

To manage your priorities and use of time, try the author's idea of a life supermarket. You choose what you want, but you can't purchase it with money. You have to look at what you have to barter for what you want. As you place your time, relationships, and talents in the balance against your goals, you find out where your priorities truly lie. You'll see where you want to spend each hour of your day.

Once your priorities are in order, you can "fine-tune your actions" to carry you relentlessly to the ocean of success. The next step is to relax and let it happen. The author explains that this is not sitting around waiting for someone to hand you success. She means that you apply your time, energy, and talents to what is without wasting time wishing for something else. Accept every effort, even if it falls short of your mark. What we call failures are merely adjustment opportunities to keep us on the path of success. If you have managed to regard rejections of your opportunity as learning phases to strengthen your business, you are well on your way to understanding this concept.

Finally, you need to "discover the divine power." Start by responding to what life throws your way instead of reacting to it. Chin-Ning suggests seeing yourself as the actor and director of your own life-movie. If something the actor does is unsuccessful, the director needs to change the scene. The actor must not be directed by the other actors involved in the drama of the scene.

Do Less, Achieve More doesn't mention Network Marketing, but I had no difficulty seeing ways to apply the principles to this business. Read it and join the people who live life fully instead of merely surviving each day. --TH

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