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February 1999


Upline Reviews and Recommends

Wake Up America - Gordon Hester Wake Up America

Wanna know a great pitch? One that stops the skeptics right in their tracks? A bullet-proof, iron-clad approach that will have more of your "suspects" than ever before asking to know more?

OK, here it comes . . . I call it-- "The Facts." When you show prospects how big the Network Marketing industry is, how genuinely bleak the current macro-economic scenario is for the average worker, and have specific facts to back you up, the results will speak for themselves.

Marketing 101: If your presentation is something like "Network Marketing really has become accepted-- lots of huge companies are using it to sell their wares," try instead "Did you know that companies like Chrysler, General Electric, and Visa move product through Network Marketing channels?"

Or, instead of, "This has become a huge industry worldwide," how about "There are currently 20 million people doing $72 billion-- that's right, billion!-- dollars in annual sales through Direct Sales and Network Marketing?"

The point is, specific facts and statistics add real firepower to your words, and they stop the cynics' favorite-- the "legitimacy" objection-- dead.

Gordon Hester, one of only 200 Certified Business Consultants worldwide, has done the work of gathering these statistics for you. He's put it all together in what is arguably the most complete and compelling factual case for joining Network Marketing that we've seen.

Wake Up America is a short, cold-hard-factual look at the US economy and the dire prospects for reasonable prosperity and comfortable retirement that the average American faces. Full of user-friendly charts and graphs (some of your prospects are "visuals," right?), accompanied by all the right words to say (and some are "aurals"?), Wake Up America can make the case better than you ever could yourself.

Drawing on information from the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Government OMB, the Social Security Administration and other sources, this urgent little piece calls the reader's attention to a number of facts like increasing consumer debt, runaway government spending, under-funding of Social Security, and the rise in health care costs to paint an alarming picture of the current economic environment.

Then turning to the DSA, the U.S. Department of Labor, and industry trend-watchers, Hester lays out the facts about Network Marketing. Did you know that 85 percent of home-based businesses are still in operation after three years, compared to 20 percent of traditional enterprises? Or that an "average" distributor makes $418 a month, and that top distributors average $12,217 working an average of about 42 hours a week? Or that in 1996, publicly-held Network Marketing company stocks outperformed the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 by more than 79 percent?

See the power of numbers? This is head-turning stuff, and it's hard for prospects to argue with facts. Use this book several ways: as a pre-approach piece to whet your prospects, interest, as the hammer that shatters objections, and to remind yourself of why you're already in and why you need to stay in. --Pres Nowlin

The Truth... What it Really Takes to Make it in Network Marketing - Created and written by Kim Klaver The Truth

If you've heard Kim Klaver's tapes, you know this is a woman who thinks laughter is the best teacher. Her newest book, The Truth . . . What it Really Takes to Make it in Network Marketing, is big, colorful, and offers valuable training-- in the form of a cartoon strip! Sound unusual? Well, it is-- and if you're
a visual learner, it probably doesn't get

Klaver says that most people aren't told the whole truth when they join a company about just how many "no's" they're likely to get, and how easily that can drive them out of the business and wipe out their chance at success. The Truth lets people know that up front, so it's no surprise, treats it as a fact of the business and light-heartedly at the same time, and offers a real-life way of handling it in the form of a hilarious cartoon character, Zayno Furst, who just happens to be an unshakable expert at "saying no first" to prospects that aren't.

While some of the training is the same as on the tapes, she's added to it here. You'll get some laughs recognizing cartoon versions of a number of well-known top-earning Networkers sharing their stories; there are scripts for group calling sessions and a bunch of ideas for generating leads with more details then the tapes offer; and illustrator Brian Cano truly captures some of the classic scenarios of Network Marketing, both the ups and the downs, and helps you laugh at both. As you can see, we've included a few strips to give you an idea of what it looks like, but know that black and white doesn't do them justice-- the colors in the real thing are literally brilliant.

If I had to name the top benefit of this book, it's that it airs out what is often the biggest issue for new Networkers-- how they feel when people tell them "no." With The Truth, as it says on the back cover itself, "people laugh at things that used to make them quit!" --Uma Sackett

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