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January 1999


Ideas of the Month

Make `Em Feel Welcome

Sometimes the difference between success and failure in our business is not in what you do, but what you don't do. One of the most successful people in Network Marketing today (in financial terms he's well over the six figure mark per month) has said that the single most important technique he has used in building his successful business is sending out Welcome Packs.

This pack is a mailing that you send out to each of your new, personally enrolled distributors. This is not just a rehash of the materials that the Home Office usually sends to new distributors, but a custom package to help them get a powerful and effective start in their new business. Possibilities:

  • Audio: If one of your main forms of recruiting is via the audio tape, a good way to light a fast fire under a new distributor is to include several of these tapes for them to mail/hand out. Get their attention by putting "custom" labels on them printed with the new distributor's name and contact information. Everyone likes to feel special and this does an excellent job of getting and keeping their attention and enthusiasm.
  • Fast-Action Coupon: Include a "coupon" that entitles them to a "free mailing" of, say, 25 tapes if they mail/fax to you their warm market leads list within three days of receiving their Welcome Pack and coupon.
  • "Important Numbers" Page: List such things as your complete name, ID#, phone number, fax number and email address; names and phone numbers for your upline and your upline's upline (so that your new Distributor will have someone to contact in case you are not reachable in an emergency situation); and company contact information (phone, fax, address, FOD, order placement number, etc.).
  • Distributor Checklist: This gives them a clear outline of what to do first, second and third, while at the same time encouraging them as they complete each step.
  • Top Earners: Try including a sheet with the names of the company's top income earners, if your company makes it available. Although it shouldn't include actual dollar amounts (which is not even legal in some states), helping your new distributor to visualize their name "in lights" is a big motivator for many people.


This tip is part of the online email column by Kelly B. Kalcheim and Gina Rea, "Network Marketing Tip of the Day" (NMTOTD). To have tips like this one emailed to you each day, visit the NMTOTD website at: or email Kelly at ©1997, 1998 Kalcheim & Associates. All rights reserved.

Get More From Your Mailing

Have you ever gone through the time and expense of sending your prospect an information packet they requested, only to find out when you call them back that they threw it in the trash thinking it was just some more "junk" mail? I have. So I found a solution:

Now, before I ever send out an info packet, I always call and pre-qualify my prospect. If, after our visit, they want to receive an information packet, I always ask them to write down my full name, the name of my town and also my phone number. I ask them to keep this note until they have received the information, that way they will know it is not just some unrequested "junk" mail and pitch it into the trash without even opening it. They also get very familiar with your name because they have written it down and looked at it for several days. By the time the packet arrives, you're no longer a total stranger to them. I also ask them to make a note on their calendar on the date that I think they will receive it, so that they can be looking for it in their mail. Each day that they look at their calendar, they get more anxious for the information packet to arrive. They are excited when it does, and will usually delve right into it.


Thanks to Usana distributor Linett Obermiller of Loup City, NE, who wins a free one-year subscription for contributing this Idea of the Month. Got a great networking idea yourself? Jot it down and send it to Executive Editor Uma Sackett at Upline or email if we publish your idea, you'll win a free subscription (or renewal) too!

"Say Yes...."

If you could increase your closing power by at least 20 percent, but you would have to practice this new behavior several times before you mastered it, would you do it? (Say yes.)

That's it! Whenever you ask a benefit question, just tag on the words "say yes" and your prospects will say yes more often. The more yeses you get throughout your presentation, the more likely you'll make the sale.

Did you enjoy this little behavior? (Say yes!)


This tip comes from Hilton Johnson's MLM University Helper Tips and "MLM Sales Coach" monthly newsletter. To subscribe, email with "subscribe mlmsalescoach-list" in the body of your email message, or learn more on the MLM University website

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