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January 1999


The Last Word

We're Making the Buzz - Ridgely Goldsborough

Network Marketing represents the largest movement of people in the history of our planet. It's bigger than any peace rally, religious crusade or world war, and thrives on every continent in virtually every country. A quarter million people enter our industry every week! Twenty million self-motivated men and women spend over $22 billion per year in the United States alone in pursuit of the ultimate American dream. So why doesn't the press talk about us? Why do they generally give us a bad rap?

Bottom line-- we don't spend enough ad dollars with the media. No money, no coverage. They don't get it.

It's high time we show them the power of Network Marketing, tell our story, take it main stream and force the world to pay attention.

Introducing Network Marketing* magazine, the first regularly-published four-color glossy publication specifically dedicated to Network Marketing. You asked for it, you got it.

Our vision is very simple. We want to explode onto the map, extolling the virtues of Network Marketing. We want to make so much noise through our success that we change the face of our industry. We want to create the most successful launch of any mainstream publication, ever. We want to force the rest of the media to pay attention, to report about us, to talk about us, to tell the truth about Network Marketing. We want to open the minds of business leaders about our form of entrepreneurship. We want to educate the general public and build a new, more accurate perception of our industry throughout North America and the rest of the world. In short, the Buzz!

So how will it be different from Upline?

Upline is like the Harvard Business Review of Network Marketing. Its focus is narrow and deep. Network Marketing magazine is more like Life magazine, or People. More shallow and wide. The industry needs both. And we've got `em.

Network Marketing magazine will have pictures. Lots of pictures. The best restaurants in Network Marketing hubs. Far out places where Network Marketers go. Networkers on the move. Lifestyles of rich and famous Network Marketers as well as the not-so-famous mega-fun-lovers. Surveys, demographic information and industry reports. Lobbying efforts for change in Congress. Press. Lots of press.

We will profile distributors whose business success is matched by their honor and commitment to teaching others. We will offer inspiration and uplift, through the writings of the leading personal development authors, from ancient to modern. We will educate distributors about our legal and regulatory environment. We will celebrate the success of Network Marketing, highlighting companies that bring credit to the industry-- whose clear thinking and good business practices make them a force for positive revolution. Most of all, we will celebrate the way of life-- financial, personal and spiritual-- which Network Marketing makes possible.

It's about time the rest of the world knew a lot more about us-- about our magnificent industry and the people whose dreams it helps to realize. More than anything, this magazine is about you, the men and women who make up the free thinkers, the entrepreneurs, the dreamers, the hard workers, the suppliers and vendors, the service representatives, the executives and even the consumers who have benefited from Network Marketing.

As a publisher, I can tell you that I'm a little scared. What a ton of work! We're about to tell the world about Network Marketing and force the pace of positive change.

As with Upline, Network Marketing magazine is your voice. What do you want to see? How can we support you, be of added service, make a contribution to your business? What are your ideas?

I need your help, thoughts, comments, suggestions, input. Let's make the best Buzz ever!

Talk to me. -- RG

*working title

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Reprinted with permission from Upline, The Last Word - January 1999, 888-UPLINE-1,