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January 1999


Upline Reviews and Recommends

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki & Sharon Lechter

This is absolutely the best book on money I have read in the last ten years, and I have read quite a few for our work in leadership seminars. The authors, Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter, have done a superb job of illustrating the differences between how financially wealthy people think and the way middle class and poor people think.

Robert's natural father had a Ph.D. and was very influential in the Hawaii school system, but he died leaving bills to be paid. Robert's other "father" was the father of a friend who lived down the street. This father never finished eighth grade and died leaving tens of millions to his family, charities and church. Robert learned lessons from both on what to do and what not to do around money.

Robert himself made millions and retired. He then became frustrated that people were graduating from school scholastically literate and financially illiterate. He wrote this book to assist people in getting out of the rat race. The rat race is working hard for the owners of a company, for the government (paying taxes), and for the bank to pay off a mortgage. One simple gem is that the rich buy assets, the middle class buy liabilities, and the poor just have expenses. It is a beautiful blend of true stories of growing up and simple diagrams that become a foundation for financial decisions.

If you are truly looking to be financially independent so that you never have to work again, if you want to become financially literate, this is a don't-miss book. I have given copies to all our employees and my teenagers. It's easy enough for teenagers to read, yet they quickly learn the difference between an income statement and a balance sheet as well as see how society and family have programmed them about money.

Dexter Yeager of Amway fame has been purchasing thousands of these books a week. I have witnessed many people in Network Marketing go from making nothing to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and many times have very little to show for it because they didn't understand the fundamentals of money. Creating money, accumulating money, and financial independence are all very different. Pick this up and you won't put it down. --Brian Klemmer

Brian Klemmer is a contributor to Upline, speaker at Upline's Lifetime Subscribers Retreat, founder of Personal Mastery seminars, and president of Klemmer & Associates which supports many Network Marketing companies in leadership training. He may be reached through their website
at or call him at 415-898-0848.

Back on Top: A Woman's Guide to Self-Esteem and Happiness By Vicky Barker

If you like your personal development books very blunt, very British, and wryly accurate, this one is for you. Vicky Barker reaches clear back into the Valley of Confusion to take her frazzled sisters by the hand and lead them to the Mountain of Clarity. Yes, this is a book very specifically for women. You guys out there may enjoy it and benefit from it, but don't expect to feel like Vicky is talking to you. She's talking only to the girlfriends, from a thoroughly empathetic perspective.

She starts by introducing us to the Character Assassins who keep us stalled in the City of Doom. These harpies may be more familiar to you by the names Limiting Self-Belief, Negative Self-Talk, Foolish Expectations, and Poisonous Patterns. You may also recognize their work in your business. Do you have the thought that you may not be cut out for Network Marketing success? See Assassin #1. Do you listen to nasty Miss Negative Self-Talk each time a prospect turns down the opportunity you've presented? Did you perhaps have the Foolish Expectation that Network Marketing would somehow solve all your problems in six months, whether you put any effort in or not? Meet Assassin #3. Don't go off in a Poisonous Pattern of blaming yourself if you answered yes to any of the above. These gals are professionals; they are good at assassinating your character. Vicky wants to introduce you to the Guardian Angels who can provide you with equally professional protection.

But first you have to unbolt The Gate to get out of the City of Doom. Don't worry-- each bolt is a good characteristic you will need against the Assassins. By unlocking your own Self-Awareness, Choice, and Reason, you open yourself to the work of your ten Guardian Angels-- ladies like Courage, Health, and Humor-- who have already been with you, in you. That time you tripped on the way to the microphone at the national conference-- remember how your little joke put everyone at ease? Or maybe your products have restored your health, and with it your drive and commitment. Your Assassin-fighting Angels are simply waiting for you to consciously put them to work.

If all this sounds like a light-hearted take on already-familiar personal development material, you're right. You may well hear Carol McCall's voice in some sections of the book, and Brian Klemmer's in others (if you have been fortunate enough to work with both of those great coaches). Vicky blended all the books she read, all the seminars she attended, and all her hours with an analyst into the message she felt most benefited her. It is a message I plan on rereading to keep me on track with my own self-esteem and happiness. I think you'll enjoy it, too. --Tina Howell

The Daily Motivator To Go By Ralph Marston

In the November/December issue, we included an article by Ralph Marston who publishes the daily online message, The Daily Motivator. It's a great service, and for those of you who may not have online access or just prefer books, he's recently come out with a book that offers the same quality of daily motivation (with a book, though, you're the one who has to make it daily).

While the online service sends you a new message each day, the book is organized by categories: Direction and commitment; Goals and dreams; Overcoming negativity and fear; Possibilities; Problems and opportunities; Wealth and abundance-- to name a few.

Here's one I'll share that changed my day today from the "Living day by day" section:

Enjoy Today

Whatever you find yourself doing-- enjoy it. Who says that work has to be difficult and tedious? Find a way to enjoy it, and you will be infinitely more effective. Who says that cold rainy weather has to be miserable? That's just somebody's opinion. Enjoy the cold wind on your face. Enjoy the beauty of the rainfall, and a former source of misery will change to a source of delight.

Enjoy what you do. Enjoy where you are. Enjoy the people you're with.

Too many people place limits on their happiness. "If only I could get a new job," they say, "then I'll be happy." Or "If only I could go out with her," "If only I had a new house" or "If only the weather would warm up." But when you place conditions on your enjoyment of life, then you're not really free, but rather a slave to those conditions.

When you enjoy life, you'll be better at it. It is in the things you enjoy the most, that you will find true success and effectiveness.

The Daily Motivator To Go can be a tremendous support in your efforts to keep focused on and moving forward in your life goals. --Uma Sackett


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