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January 1999


Upline Times

Coy Barefoot

News bytes in this edition of Upline Times:

  1. Satisfied?
  2. Driving to Freedom
  3. Getting Fit
  4. Continuing Trend



A recent Gallup Poll reported that Americans have never before been so satisfied with their lives. At least that's how the headlines read. But if you read the results of their October 1998 poll a little more closely, you'd see there were some critical exceptions to the happy news.

In the survey, over 5,000 adults were asked to rate how well satisfied they are with 13 aspects of their lives-- everything from family life to finances. Even though overall satisfaction was as high as it ever has been (likely influenced by a good economy and low unemployment), some elements hit all-time lows.

Only 56% of those surveyed said they were happy with their financial net worth or savings. Another low-level rating came in for those who were satisfied with their personal income.

The Gallup Poll also reports that two aspects of our lives have consistently become more dissatisfying since the 1960s: our jobs and the amount of leisure time we have. In 1969, 90% of those surveyed reported that their jobs were satisfying. Almost 20 years later, that result has fallen 15 percentage points-- as more and more Americans become unhappy at the workplace.

On a related note, American's have become increasingly dispirited over the amount of leisure time they are able to enjoy-- that has fallen 12 percentage points since its high mark of 75% in 1969. Interestingly, those Americans of higher socio-economic status and optimism about their personal finances are the least satisfied with the availability of leisure time.

If only there was some way to earn more time and money at the same time. Anybody got any suggestions?


(Source: Gallup News Service, October 23, 1998)


Driving to Freedom

As organizations grow, many Network Marketing leaders find themselves out on the road more and more, getting out to work with excited groups. But that can be a point of concern in this age of unprecedented Road Rage.

You will be happy to know that the National Traffic Safety Administration reported that 1997 was the safest year on American highways. Comparing the ratio of miles driven (2.5 trillion) to traffic fatalities (41,967), researchers determined that 1997 was the safest in the last 30 years.

Just remember to take it slow and be a role model-- on the road and off. You don't always lead by being the one in front.


(Source: NTSA, 1998)


"Numerous studies have found higher rates of coronary heart disease among workers in more stressful jobs. A recent study of some 7,300 British civil servants has confirmed the effects of job stress. The study also adds to the evidence that the key feature of damaging job stress is not simply heavy demands, but lack of control over one's work."


(Source: Consumer Reports on Health, October 1998)


Getting Fit

It's that time of year again: Time for those New Year's Resolutions about getting in shape and working out more. If you're like most people, you probably made similar resolutions this time last year-- vowed that you would stick to that work-out regime and finally lose those extra pounds you've been carrying around. But then, well, you got busy-- and the work-outs suffered.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only about 15% of American adults work out vigorously three or more times a week.

Network Marketers are especially attuned to the health revolution. Consider the fact that nearly half of all products marketed by direct selling organizations are health or personal care products. Perhaps this is a good time for all of those talking the healthy talk to ask themselves: Am I walking the fitness walk? Am I testimony to the benefits of a regular workout, healthy diet, and my amazing product line?

If not, then it's time to renew your commitment to working out regularly. Face it, your physical health is crucial to your success in Network Marketing. When it comes time to take your family and walk the beaches of the world, you want to be full of energy and able to enjoy it fully-- right?

The gang at Consumer Reports recommends incorporating the following features into your exercise program to insure some success: Find an exercise partner, someone who can motivate you on days when you feel like playing hooky from the gym-- and someone who can count on you for the same reason. Get on a regular schedule and set some goals (that sounds familiar, huh?). Don't beat yourself up if you miss a few sessions-- stay focused and don't get discouraged.

Record your progress-- and reward yourself with a nice (healthful) dinner out or a special gift when you notice improvement. And lastly, change your routine around some so you don't get bored; try a new exercise or a different place to work out.

Let 1999 be the year you can look back on as the time when a real commitment to your personal health finally took root in your life.


Continuing Trend

From this month's Home Office File comes word that 1997 saw more business start-ups in homes than at traditional commercial sites-- 705,000 versus 610,000, respectively.

"Rather quietly, home-based businesses appear to be shedding their stigma. Even Chambers of Commerce, long the clubby province of bankers and car dealers and downtown retailers, are warmly welcoming residentially based entrepreneurs into their ranks."


(Source: State of Small Business, 1998)


The Red, White, and Blue Goes Gray....

Birthdays continue to stack up for Americans, as people live longer and longer. Healthier lifestyles coupled with the aging of Baby Boomers is steadily producing the oldest and most populous elderly generation our country has ever seen. Health and nutritional products geared towards this "booming" elder care market are expected to proliferate over the next 50 years, making older Americans one of the most lively consumer groups ever.

  • From 1965 to 1995 the number of Americans 65 and older jumped up 82% to 33.5 million people.
  • By the year 2050, the number of elderly Americans is expected to more than double, to 80 million.
  • The fastest elderly growth rate is projected to occur between 2010 and 2030, as Baby Boomers reach 65.
  • By the year 2050, one in five Americans will be elderly.
  • By the year 2020, well over 15 million Americans over the age of 65 will be living alone.
(Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Administration on Aging)


"Where there is life, there is hope. Where there are hopes, there are dreams. Where there are vivid dreams repeated, they become goals. Goals become the action plans and game plans that winners dwell on in intricate detail, knowing that achievement is almost automatic when the goal becomes an inner commitment. The response to the challenges of life-- purpose-- is the healing balm that enables each of us to face up to adversity and strife." -- Denis Waitley


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